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Homeschool Legal Advantage- A New Year's Gift - Peace of Mind!

Hello readers! It is my joy to share with you an amazing gift coming from the fine people of Homeschool Legal Advantage. I am pleased to tell you that I have interacted with some of the lawyers of Christian Law Association (the parent organization)  on a very informal basis for the last 9 years. I know their character. These are a group of fine, God honoring people! If you need legal representation, you will want Homeschool Legal Advantage in your corner! And right now, you can join for FREE! What a blessing!  This group of lawyers, truly are legal missionaries!  Read about Homeschool Legal Advantage below, and then take advantage of their generous offer!

Thank you CLA and HLA for your faithful service!

A New Year's Gift – Peace of Mind

FREE Benefit - $65 Value!

Each reader of this blog is eligible to receive a complimentary First-Year Membership in HLA! That's a $65 value – absolutely FREE! (See Member Benefits below)

HLA is an outreach of the Christian Law Association (CLA). The CLA has faithfully served churches and families since 1969, and has successfully defended over 8,000 educational freedom-related cases.
HLA provides homeschooling families with every legal service that any other homeschool legal organization provides. Additionally, they provide a free will for both Mom and Dad, represent homeschool organizations, help working parents with workplace issues related to their Christian faith, serve local churches and pastors, and do it all on a suggested donation model.

You may wish to note that the HLA team includes a large group of full-time attorneys and an additional 200+ affiliated attorneys throughout the United States.


As a member of Homeschool Legal Advantage, you are given the telephone number of an attorney who is available to answer any legal question related to homeschool issues.

Homeschool Legal Advantage members receive all homeschool related legal representation free of charge. HLA pays for all attorney fees, expert witness costs, travel expenses, and court costs allowable by law.

In addition, HLA members receive free legal representation from the Christian Law Association for religious liberty issues even if the cause of action is not related to homeschooling. This includes matters such as workplace discrimination, Christian employer obligations, the right to witness, public prayer, and any other matter related to Christians in matters of faith.

Most legal matters related to homeschooling and Christian liberty are resolved quickly without court action. Often, HLA and CLA attorneys can successfully defend an attack by contacting local officials on behalf of a member. If a homeschooling court case is necessary, Homeschool Legal Advantage provides full representation every step of the way. Members can take comfort in knowing they enjoy full legal protection for homeschooling and Christian liberty issues.

• A last will and testament drafted by an attorney that will thoughtfully distribute your estate to your heirs and outline your wishes for your children.
• Access to a comprehensive website with homeschool laws for your state.
• Legal alerts and a monthly HLA newsletter.
• A 20 percent discount on legal and educational resources from the Christian Law Association.

Visit Click on JOIN NOW and supply the requested information. At checkout, use the coupon code GIFT for your first-year membership, which includes a FREE last will and testament. You will receive a confirmation email that also includes instructions on how to ACTIVATE your Homeschool Legal Advantage membership and download forms to begin your will preparation.

This is our New Year's gift to you – Legal peace of mind. Join us as we celebrate nearing the 15,000 member milestone.

It is a privilege to be of service.

Homeschool Legal Advantage
Christine Field

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Early Bird Discount ~ Old Schoolhouse Expo

Expo Listen Online Button

Come recharge your heart at the Schoolhouse Expo
On May 16-20, 2011, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine will bring you an ONLINE Schoolhouse Expo. Our theme is "Homeschooling with Heart" and we will give you tips, tricks, and tools to enhance all phases of your homeschooling journey--from the preschool and elementary years to high school, college, and beyond.

In addition to the privilege of attending approximately 20 live, hour-long sessions, the Schoolhouse Expointroduces two new fabulous tracks:

--> The High School track offers practical and informative sessions by speakers whose expertise lies in the area of higher education. Encourage your high school student to join us too--we have some great things in store! If you are currently teaching a middle school student, this track should prepare you to successfully homeschool through the high school years.

--> Our second unique session track is the Entrepreneur/Work at Home track. Are you interested in exploring family opportunities for home-based businesses or working at home? You'll be informed and inspired as you hear from individuals who have practical tips and success stories to share with you!

Enjoy an impressive lineup of 16 dynamic speakers: authors, teachers, business owners, and researchers, from the comfort of your own home -- sipping tea or coffee, while wearing your pajamas! You will receive a one-year membership to the Homeschool Legal Advantage and a free last will and testament, valued at $65; 21 downloadable gifts worth more than $300; MP3 files of all sessions; door prizes; access to a virtual vendor hall jam-packed with the market's most outstanding vendors; and a whole lot of fun!
RIGHT NOW, you can purchase your ticket to attend the live 2011 Schoolhouse Expo for an amazing price!

Purchase your ticket by February 9th to receive the early bird rate of only $19.50! You'll also receive the FREE gifts--

valued at over $300!

Purchase Now blue button

This special offer won't last long! The Early Bird Sale ends February 9 at 11:59 p.m. PST. We'd love to have everyone there, but space at the Schoolhouse Expo is limited. Tickets for the live conference are available on a first come, first served basis. Our May 2010 conference sold out within a few weeks. So make plans to pick up YOUR ticket during the Early Bird Sale! Get all the details here!

We want YOU to join us at the Schoolhouse Expo

May 16-20, 2011!

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TOS Crew: Ten Marks

We have come to the dreaded subject once again. I fear that I may have instilled the same disdain I have for math onto my children. Or wait, perhaps it is because, they just have the same disdain as I do.

Over the years I have searched for the curriculum that will make the difference in their life in the area of math. In all honesty, I do not believe that I have passed along my disdain.. however, I do not believe they have a natural ability in math. So, it has been critical in our career that we find programs that will assist them in ways that I am not able.

Now enter in Ten Marks, we were chosen to review Ten marks as part of the TOS Homeschool Crew. We were allowed to set up two accounts. So I chose two of my children, and we were off...

Now, let's start with the preliminaries, what is Ten Marks..

Ten Marks is an online Math program geared for children from the Third grade through the 10th grade.  The program is designed to match state standards. You can even choose which state you are from, in order to match your states standard to the work your child is doing.

Within the program there are videos and hints that your child can click on that will help teach them the concept that they are learning. The program also 'senses' whether or not your child has mastered the concept. So their experience with Ten Marks will be tailored for them.

Okay, now how does this translate into the actual usage. I used the program with 2 of my students. I must admit, with one of them, it was very difficult to get him going with the program. His attitude toward math is not the greatest, and the level I had initially picked for him, I believe was a little too high for him. Now, within Ten Marks you have the ability to go in and alter the work they are doing, to ensure that they are doing work that is at their level. It was simply  hard to get him back into the program.

However, with my other son, it has been wonderful! Here are some of the things I like about the program. We receive an email that reminds us that he has worksheets to do. It gives him due dates, so he knows when he needs to get his worksheets done. As a parent you can choose how many worksheets your child will be required to do each week. As your child works through the worksheets, they have the option of clicking on video tutorials or hints to read to help the solve the problem. As a parent, you can see how your child is doing. You can see how they are scoring, you can see how many hints and videos they used while completing the worksheets. If your child does not score high on the worksheets, they will be assigned a do-over sheet. And this is also noted in the parents section.

There is a reward system that is worked into the program, however, this was not needed for my kids. Meaning, they are of the age, that it simply was not what we would use to inspire learning. However, if you have younger children, this might work for you.

All in all , I feel this is a beneficial program. and the price is affordable at $10 a month, or they offer some deals if you pay for multiple months at one time.

Please visit the Crew Blog to see what my crew mates are saying about Ten Marks, and don't forget to visit Ten Marks!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Power of Ten Seminars; Featuring Debra Rayern

Just in case you cannot read the 'fine print', here is what the flier says in larger print!

?Feb. 11, 2011 ~ YL Leadership Dinner with Debar Raybern. RSVP is required, to Jennifer Southern 661-317-6709. Space is Limited.              6-9 PM

Feb 12, 2011 ~ Simi Valley, CA.                                                                                                                                                                                                          10AM-6PM Ten Nutritional Supplements for Better Health and How to Know if You  Need Them.  Ten Educational Resources and How to Use Them for Health and Business- WHat's in Your Toolbox? Ten Cleaning Recipes- Keep the Toxins off the Counter, out of the Bathroom and Out of Your Body.

Feb 13, 2011 ~ La Sierra Alumni Center, 11500 Pierce St, Riverside, CA                                                                                                                                         9AM-2PM Ten Cleaning Recipes- Keep the Toxins off the Counter, Out of the Bathroom and Out of Your Body.  Ten Reasons Young Living is the Right Company-Seed to Seal.  Ten Powerful Nutrients in the NingXia Red- Beyond antioxidants.  Train Your Nose to Know and Ten Ways to Know if Your Oil is the Best.

Feb 14, 2011 ~ Active Life Chiropractic, 112 E.Olive Ave, Suite B, Redlands, CA.                                                                                                                     10AM-4PM Ten Cleaning Recipes-Keep the Toxins off the Counter, Out of the Bathroom and out of Your Body. Ten Reasons Young Living is the Right Company-Seed  to Seal.  Ten Powerful Nutrients in the NingXia Red-Beyond Antioxidants.  Train Your Nose to Know and Ten Ways to Know if Your Oil is the Best.  Special parking instructions, please RSVP to receive map!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TOS Crew: See-N-Read Reading Tools

Do you have a reader that has a hard time tracking when they are reading in a book?  I do!  I know that my kiddos who struggle with dyslexia have a very difficult time staying on track.. or should I say .. in line, while they are reading. Often times, their eyes simply have a hard time following along, even if they have a bookmark under where they are reading, or if they are using their finger.

That is where See-N-Read comes in. They have come up with some nifty tools to help your student keep their place. Not only that, it does help to increase their reading speed. I tried it out myself, and I found that I was even able to read faster and retain more while using the reading tools by See-N-Read.

So what are these tools....... Here you can see..

They are little plastic 'windows' that are grayed out except for a window, that you place under the line are reading, jsut like you would a bookmark.  However, what is great is that it is blocking out the words above and below the line, so the reader simply has to focus on the line they are reading. Great for children who are easily distracted.

They have made one that I have tucked inside my bible. It looks exactly the same, however, the clear line, has been cut out, allowing for you to underline or highlight what you are reading without having to move your reading tool! AWESOME!!!

These inexpensive tools are an awesome resource that very well may be the answer to your readers dilemma!

Check out See-N-Read today! With reading tools starting as low as $2.99 you can't go wrong!

Don't forget to check out what my crew mates thought over on the crew blog!

*** Note: I received a packet of reading tools for free in exchange for my honest opinion***

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reading Program For Home Schoolers

For Immediate Release:

All Home Schoolers Granted One Year Free Access To Library Of 900 Interactive Children's Books For Ages 2-13

Houston, Texas - January 10, 2011 - "We saw a story about a company called Tom's Shoes where for every pair of shoes purchased they give away a pair to a child in need. We thought that was a pretty great idea so we decided to give away free subscriptions to our entire catalog of books to home schoolers across the country with the hope that they will see why thousands of teachers subscribe to our theory that learning to read should be fun," says president Cliff Dew.

All home schoolers are being given a one year free subscription to their catalog of 900 animated books, lesson plans, quizzes, story songs, games and puzzles that inspire early childhood literacy for ages 2-13 free of charge now through 12/31/2011.

It’s an  award winning safe and secure “Kid's Friendly” website that helps kids discover the joys of learning to read. is ideal for English as a Second Language and English Immersion.  There's even a whole library of books for kids with special needs.

Simply log on to their home page and click on, “SUBSCRIBE NOW” and use this as your COUPON CODE:

FREE COUPON CODE: learntoread (lower case letters)

I homeschool my four kids, and even my 2 year old loves to sit and listen to the books and songs! We have really enjoyed the art/music area with my older ones and also the science songs. There is just so much here to click and discover. I recommend you try it out! Great job MightybookJr folks!...Melissa M. Oklahoma Home Schooler

My Supervisor asked me about your reading program and I told him that It encouraged students to read more. We have a student that did not want to read when told to get a book. Now he does his homework so he can go and listen to a story and even answer the questions. He has also started to look for books in the library. Merry Christmas!...- Gloria D., 21st Century After School Program


Greg Avellone

Education Coordinator



Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tri Cross the Strategy Game for Today!

What would you say, if I told you there is a game, that would peak the interest of both girls and boys, from elementary school, all the way through high school, and, Mom and Dad would enjoy playing as well?   This game is not only enjoyable, it is educational. Yet, your kids won't even know they are learning... the only thing they will think they are learning is how to beat their opponent!

What is this game? It is Tri-Cross!

Tri-Cross is an awesome board game that is a cross between Chess and Checkers! This is a great strategey skill building game!  If you are like me, strategy games really are not your thing.  I dare say, that's because you have not played Tri-Cross!  Now let me tell you, I really do not like Chess or Checkers, however, I love Tri-Cross!

My 11year old daughter and I have been sitting down and playing Tri-Cross and we have had such a good time! What is awesome, as a mom, is to watch my daughter play the game and begin to analyze the game, and formulate a strategy. She actually, almost, could not stay in her seat as she played the game. That was because she was anxious to find out how her plan, her strategy, would play out.  At the end of one of the games, she said, okay, that one is not going to work, let me tell you  what I was trying to do... If you knew my daughter, you would know, this is not her typical kind of game! She is one of those girlie girls!   I would not be able to get her to sit down and play a game of checkers or chess.   They appear boring to her.  Tri-Cross is new and exciting, yet you are getting the benefits of games like that, however, it is much more accessible for everyone! (even girlie girls!)

With the variations of play available for the game, you can increase the difficulty level. Additionally, my daughter and I started playing  just the two of us, and have now, brought in my other daughter (14) to play with us. Not only, did she love the game, but by including her into the game, it gives the game a whole new dynamic! Tri-Cross has quickly become the favorite family board game!

Now, as a parent I love this game and what it has to offer. Add in, that I am a homeschool mom, and this game scores even higher! Look what the games' website says about all there is to learn by playing Tri-Cross:

Helps develop skills in the following areas:

  • Logical Thinking

  • Cause and Effect

  • Predicting

  • Interpreting Outcomes

  • Abstract Thinking

  • Memory (In Variations of Play)

  • Visualization

Click here to see a video discussing the game. You can purchase Tri-Cross by visiting their website . There are 3 versions of the game, Standard, Eco and the Wood Edition. Prices start at $19.95.  Available on the website you will find more info on the games, as well as some video tutorials on how to play! Which were very helpful for this non-strategic brain of mine!

However, because you are reading my blog, I have good news for you! I have 2 games to give away! I have 1 Eco Edition and 1 Standard Edition. Each will come with a CD-rom that will explain the game! How do you enter? It is simply really.

1) Simply leave a comment below, letting me know you would like to be entered.

For Additional Entries;

a) Follow my blog = 1 extra entry.  You must leave a separate comment to let me know.

b) Share about this contest on your blog = 5 extra entries.  You will need to leave me  a separate comment with a link to your blog within the comment section.

c) Share about this contest on your facebook = 5 entries.  Leave separate comment stating you shared it on facebook.

d) Share about this contest on your Twitter= 5 entries.  Leave a separate comment stating you shared it via twitter.

e) Leave a separate comment telling me how you will use this game.  For example, in your classroom, your homeschool or with your family.

Be sure to leave me your email so I can contact you if you win. Winners are only eligible to win one of the games.  Drawing will be held on Jan. 18th, so get your entries in today!

Some final red tape... you should know that I received Tri-Cross for free, for purpose of writing this review and for this give away.

*******We  have Winners!!!!!! Debbie Phillips won the eco version of Tri Cross and And Jennifer M won the standard version of Tri Cross!!!!!  Congratulations to both our winners. I hope that your families really enjoy the game, as much as ours do! ******