Monday, May 30, 2011

Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home ~ Interview Series Starts Tuesday May 31st!!

I have been talking to you about the interview series by Terri Camp, Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home. The time has come!!! The interviews start Tuesday May 31st at noon CST ( just a few hours away!)  I am so excited!  You can read more about this awesome series in my previous here... and here!!!!!

Have you purchased your membership yet? As soon as the interviews start playing, the price goes up!!! If you already have a business, or you are wanting to start a business, you are not going to want to take one more step, until you have listened to these interviews! I have learned so much from these amazing Homeschool Moms!!!  I have already put into practice some of the amazing tips I have learned!

Follow this link and sign up now.. learn how you can listen for free, to get a taste! However, you will not want to stop there! When you purchase the interview series, you are able to download these amazing interviews to listen to over and over.. If you are anything like me, you need to hear things more than once, to really make it stick!  You also will gain access to the member site, Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home. On the site you will have access to all 11 interviews, plus 2 bonus interviews! You will also receive a free e-copy of Terri Camp's Homeschool book, Ignite the Fire!   My favorite homeschool book!   You will also have a free membership to the member site for 1 month. Members have access to Q & A calls with Terri Camp, a newsletter and much more!  If you are looking to grow your business, you are not going to want to miss this!

Who can you hear and what can you learn??? Check it out!

  • Bette Miles-Holleman – Crafting for Dollars and Promoting Other People’s Stuff for Money (Affiliate Marketing) = Multiple Streams of Income

  • Candy Foote – Make Money By Saving Money from Strategic Shopper

  • Chelle Barnaby – How She Makes a Six Figure Income From Home

  • Cyndi Ball – Homesteading Where You Are and Teaching What You Know

  • Heidi St. John – Writing Your Passion and Turning Your Passion Into a Ministry/Business

  • Janet Martin – Creating a $5000 Income Each Month by Selling Books Online

  • Jennifer Southern – Educating Others For Fun, Travel, and Profit

  • Jodi Whisenhunt – Blogging With a Purpose

  • Melinda Brennan – Is Blogging Important For Your Business and Coaching Your Way To the Money

  • Sara Nesbitt – Building a Cottage Industry

  • Sarah Cook – Strategies for Saving Time With Multiple Businesses


Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Act Now! And visit Homeschool  Mom's Making Money at Home today!   And tell your friends. Let's be a community of Mom's helping Mom's !


Little Miss Priss

You might have noticed that I love Mom's who follow their passion and start something from scratch! Little Miss Priss is just one of those businesses.   My cousin Britanny and her good friend Heidi have started Little Miss Priss. 

A trendy line of bows, headbands, clips, and hats for all ages! Brittany and Heidi have been good friends for years and are the proud stay-at-home parents of two beautiful children (each!). When they aren't working together making adorable head fashions, the ladies love to spend time together during play dates, pedicures, and "moms" night out! Their unique personalities means endless amounts of creativity for the styles Little Miss Priss offers!

Here are a few shots of some of their current stylings! You can see their entire 2011 Summer Collection by clicking here.


Be sure to like their page by clicking here! There will be a giveaway when they reach 1000 fans. Be sure to let them know I sent you there!

And then tell your friends about them too!

Let's make a practice of being Mom's supporting Mom's!

Friday, May 27, 2011

TOS Crew: Read for the Heart

As homeschoolers, we are very familiar with the book of books concept. Basically these books are books that list books that would be ideal for your children to read. They have been created from several different angles. Some have simply targeted age groups, or genres, or curriculum, etc.. However, I have recently had the privilege of reviewing Read for the Heart by Sarah Clarkson, for the TOS Homeschool Crew.  This book, is written from the students perspective. Interesting!

One thing that is evident by reading ' Read for the Heart" is that Sarah Clarkson has spent her life surrounded by words. She has such a command of the English Lanuage, that she paints vivid, beautiful pictures with her words.  Isn't that our goal for our children?

Sarah Clarkson shares that, reading great literature, gives witness to the world of both good and evil and helps children learn how to decipher between the two with vivid examples of consequences  of choice.  She also makes the case for good literature in a child's life to show life's goodness.  God's love, as well as, sin in the life of the child.  Sarah also discusses the positive outcomes in a child's life from exposing them to a vast number of words throughout their life.

As a parent, when I read this book,  it not only included a list of book recommendations, those recommendations, come with information about each one and why she recommends them !   But the book, also makes the case for whole books in your family. Sarah provides all the reason why you would want to include whole books into your child's life. However, the most persuasive element is Sarah herself. She shares with her tidbits from her life, and how books have impacted her from a small child, through adulthood.  You can see that her parents sacrifice and commitment to their children's education was evident and it is now shining through their daughter!  Additionally, when you are reading the words that she has penned  you can vividly see the product of such an environment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was not simply informational, it was inspirational!

Read for the Heart is available for $17 , you can get it by visiting the Apologia website! While there you can visit there, to read a sample chapter.

Check out the crew blog, to see what crew mates have to say about Read for the Heart.

**I was provided a free copy of Read for the Heart, in exchange for my honest review.**

Thursday, May 26, 2011

WOW!! Homeschool Mom's Really can Make Money From Home!!!!!

In case you hadn't realized it before now.. Homeschool Mom's Really Can Make Money from Home! How do I know that? Well, first, because I am a homeschool mom, who makes money from home!!! And I know that I am not alone! And one of the reasons I know that I am not alone, is because author and Homeschool Icon Terri Camp has sat down and interviewed 13 homeschool mom's (me included) who are doing just that!

Tonight was exciting!!! She kicked off this series by hosting a listening 'party' as we all listened to Mary Jo Tate, give a talk on " How Do You Do It All?"!!!!!  I have to tell you, even if you already have a business you are working from home, you will learn so much from Mary Jo!

She has wonderful prioritizing tips! Both for family and home!! Quite simply, she gets down to the brass tacks, and gives you everyday practical advice! Now, what was an added bonus.. was after the interview, there was a question and answer time with Mary Jo, and the wealth of knowledge that was shared was amazing!

I have been working through, and listening to all of the interviews!! And let me tell you, there are nuggets and treasures in every single one! Even if the speaker is not in the same 'line of work' as you are, the tips for business and family are priceless!

So what's stopping you from buying the Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home interview series? You do not want to put it off much longer! As of Tuesday May 31st, the prices will go UP! Right now if you purchase by May 31st, you will not only get all the interviews, but you will also receive Terri's homeschool book (ecopy) Ignite the Fire, and a one month membership to the membership site, Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home.  Each month of your membership, you receive a newsletter, a Q & A with Terri, an additional interview.. and more! You will not want to miss out on those bonuses!!

Click on over and sign up today!

Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home, Going Live with Mary Jo Tate!

Have you purchased your Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home interview series yet? No??? Well let me tell you time is running out to get them at the introductory rate! On Tuesday May31st, @ Noon (CST) when the first interview goes live, the prices go UP!!!! You are not going to want to miss these, interviews! These interviews are going to help launch you and your passion on to the path of success!   You are going to learn the tools  of balancing your homeschool, your home and your home business!

That brings me to our first presenter!! She is none other than Mary Jo Tate.  Tonight at 7:00pm CST, that is 5:00 pm for my local buddies, you can join Terri Camp and Mary Jo Tate in the Screening Room! We tried it out yesterday and it is awesome! Click Here to join the interview!

You can listen to the interview in a room with other Homeschool Mom's, just like you ! And after the interview, there will be time for a question and answer period with Mary Jo and Terri!  Some of the other mom's that Terri interviewed will be available as well! Including me!

Don't miss out on this preview! You are going to love every minute of every interview.. I have learned so much by listening to these inspiring godly women!


And don't forget.. prices go up on Tuesday May 31st! Get your copy of the interviews today!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Candy Foote- Making Money by Saving Money!!!

Wow, these interviews with Terri Camp are amazing! It's like the gift that just keeps giving! Today I listened to her interview with Candy Foote. In many ways, Candy is a mom just like all of us..... well almost.. she has 12 children!! In a day and age, where having a family with 5 children ( my families size) is looked at as a large family.. having a family with 12 children, and homeschooling equals.. a tight budget!!!

So Candy did what she knew to do.. she went to her Holy Father, and asked Him to guide her... help her to know His will for her and their family... and guess what.. He did just that, but in a way that she had not expected!

Candy began to save money for her family. And this translated into making their budget work for them!   What was wonderful to listen to, is how Candy really looks at this as a ministry.. how you might ask? I don't want to give it all away, however, let me just say, that Candy makes a point to bless others, through the gifts, knowledge, and skill that the Lord has provided, along with her hard work!!

So not only is she blessing her family, she is also blessing those around her and teaching her kids to do the same!

Are you wondering how you can help your family budget go farther? Take some time and listen to Candy Foote as she shares the tricks of the trade!

You can read more about Terri's Interviews with Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home by clicking here and here!  And don't forget, these interviews are available right now at their introductory price.. very shortly, the prices will be going up! So Act Now!!!



Monday, May 23, 2011

Create the Business You Want, While Living the Life You Want!!

In this economy, so many people are struggling to make ends meet... I understand this... our family has never had an abundant amount of cash, which sent me searching for ways to help add to our families bottom line, while still being at home, and educating my children.

The down side of this, is that there are many get rich quick schemes out there.. often times we do not know where to turn! This is where Terri Camp comes in! Terri Camp from Ta-Dah Mom, has set out to help you , the Homeschool Mom, find your passion, earn and income, and live your life, with your family!

How did she do this? She interviewed 13 Homeschool Mom's who are doing just that! Including me! I have been very blessed to have found several ways to piece together and income to help support our family!  In Terri's interviews, you will here all of our stories, which are filled with practical tips and tricks to help you on your way to financial freedom!

As Homeschool Mom's we are called to educate our children! I have often heard it said, God does not call the enabled, He enables the called!  Bathe your family and your homeschool in prayer, ask the Lord to help guide you, and he will enable you to continue to educate your children. If that includes a business for you, He will bless it! And the rest is up to you! Here how all of these homeschool mom's have been enabled by the Lord, to to develop their business, while discipling their children!

Please visit Terri's site today! She is having an awesome special on these interviews right now, which include all 13 interviews and  a one month membership to her  site Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home. During that membership you receive a new interview each month, and a question and answer call with Terri! And if that weren't enough, Terri is including an e-copy of her book Ignite the Fire! My favorite homeschool book!

This special isn't going to last much longer! Act now!

We have a Facebook Fan Page!!

Hey there.. we have some exciting news here at Creative Learners!! We now have a fan page on Facebook!!

We've only been on Facebook for a few days and we are already generating a following! Won't you join us?

It is a great way for you to keep up with the goings on, over here at Creative Learners!

Hope to see you all there!

Creative Learners on Facebook!

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Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home: Sarah Cook

Homeschool Mom's Making at Home is the brain child of Terri Camp! Her heart is to help homeschool moms be successful! To help equip them to reach those goals and live out their passions!  How is Terri doing this? She has interviewed 13 homeschool mom's who are making money at home.

What is awesome about these interviews, is that, you are going to hear what each mom has done to create an income for their family. You will learn everyday practical tips and ideas that will help you, make money at home!

I have just listened to Terri Camp's interview with Sarah Cook from Raising CEO Kids. One word  comes to mind.. DYNAMO!! It simply was an amazing interview.  Sarah, has had her direct sales business for 17 years, she homeschools her kids, and now is running her company Raising CEO Kids. The lessons she has learned along the way, are sure to bless your heart, and give you the knowledge you need to take your dreams to the next level!

No matter what your home business, or your possible home business, Sarah shares tips that will help you make your business a success!

From organization, family involvement and personal branding, and much, much more!!

Sarah has a new program that you can learn  more about called Outsourcing 101, you are going to want to check it out!

Now hop on over to Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home and learn how you can have access to all 13 interviews, a one month membership to Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home, an  additional interviews an e copy of Ignite the Fire, by Terri Camp ( the very first Homeschool Book, I ever read!) and even an opportunity to be on a question and answer calls with Terri! You can ask her anything.. she will be sharing on how to market yourself, and help your business!

You are not going to want to miss out on this pre-release special! Once the audios are released- the price goes up!



Friday, May 13, 2011

TOS Crew: Institute for Excellence in Writing

Way back when in my homeschool journey, I detested the idea of utilizing the computer or the television for any large chunk of our education. I also did not want our school to simply look like we were doing school at home.  And for most of our homeschool journey, that has served us well.

However, what I am finding as my children have gotten older, I have rather enjoyed utilizing these very methods (eegads).  Especially the DVD player and the computer!

Enter in the amazing writing program Institute for Excellence in Writing with Andrew Pudewa. If you have been homeschooling for any amount of time, and have researched writing curriculum options, this program is on the top of many peoples list.  So, why haven't I tried it up until now?

I will be honest with you.. it was the cost. We have a miniscule budget for homeschooling, and while we could have fit this in, I was leary of spending this kind of money, and have it not work. My children are not a fit in the box kind of group.... so I never dove in and made the purchase!

Here is where I would like to proclaim.. God is good!!!!

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew line up this year was IEW! And praise the Lord, I was able to be on the list and review this writing program, that  I have heard so much about.

I followed the suggestion, that if you had never used IEW  and children are older to choose Level B. So that is where our family started. We also planned on teaching multiple grade levels. Now, typically this level is for grades 6-8. However, if your child has had limited writing instruction, or you are new to this program, it is, indeed,  a good place to start.  I do believe we made the right choice, however, in the beginning my older students took issue with younger students in the video. However, that was soon dismissed and we were able to proceed with the program unhindered!

So first, let's look at what we received in our package. Our family reviewed Teaching Writing/Student Writing Intensive Combo Pack Level B

Teaching Writing Structure and Style

We received a notebook of notes and reference material and  10 DVD's.  7 of the DVD's are teaching the parent, and 3 are demonstration classes, where the parent can watch Mr. Pudewa teach.  One DVD for each age group.   The teachers set is designed to equip you the homeschool parent with all the skills you need to teach structured writing to your students.  It is abundantly clear that there has been much care taken in the production of the Teacher's Program.  It is key that you the homeschool parent have the tools in your toolbox to equip your children with the tools they will need to complete the program, and ultimately achieve success in writing.

At the end of this seminar, you will have all the skills and tools needed to teach structured writing to your children.  However, if you feel that you need some more help.. or an extra boost... that is where the Student Writing Intensive comes in.

Here you can see a video of Mr. Pudewa discussing Teaching Writing Structure and Style.

Student Writing Intensive

Once again we received a notebook of materials for the student, as well as, DVD's for the student to watch.  This is again in a seminar format. Mr. Pudewa is teaching a 4 day long writing seminar to actual students.  Your students will be attending the seminar right along side the students in the video.  Instruction, explanation and directions will be given by Mr. Pudewa, and while the DVD  is paused your children will complete the work. The same amount of care that was put into the Teaching Writing Structure and Style, has been taken with The Student Writing Intensive.

Here you can see Mr. Pudewa discussing the Student Writing Intensive.

Portable Wall

The portable wall serves as a place where your students can have the word lists they have been learning at their fingertips. It is a tri-fold folder that also serves wonderfully as a divider on a table if you have more than one student working, to give them privacy, or to help them concentrate if they are easily distracted.


Here you can find a quick start guide, as well as, a sample from Level B.

Our Thoughts

Something that I learned years ago is that writing is a very difficult process for anyone, let alone special needs kids, of which we have a few. I  believe that I first learned this while learning about Charlotte Mason and her methods. Putting pen to paper, requires many steps that most children, especially special needs kids, have a difficult time navigating.  The child must have a thought, then verbalize that thought in their head, to see if that thought makes sense. Then they need to construct that thought into sentences and then write them down.  This is why so many children have blank page syndrome,  they simply cannot get started with writing words on the paper.

IEW knows this, and takes out this step initially, by giving the child what to write. Not an assignment, as in go write a paper about  _________. However, with IEW, the student is using a source text, learning how to construct outlines by pulling out keywords, and then rewriting it  in their own words.  These skills are taught in small enough chunks that even a struggling learner will understand and be able to follow along. If you do not have a struggling learner, and your child is excelling, then you can move the pace a little faster.  From this starting point, your child will be given a methodology on how to construct thoughts, and then translate that into written work.  Through the course they will learn to do this with reference material, for research papers, and writing from pictures, to name a few. Ultimately transitioning them to the blank page.

Overall, our family was very pleased with IEW. We enjoyed watching the Mr. Pudewa teach. His style is very personable, friendly and relate-able. We used the program with 4 of our children ranging in age from 11 -16. Some of those children do have special needs and had a few struggles and bumps along the way. However, all in all, as we worked through IEW at our pace, which was a couple of weeks or so to do each lesson, they all have improved in their writing abilities.  They other by product of using IEW that I have noticed is that it has helped their reading comprehension in general. They look at stories that they are reading in a different way altogether.

Below you will see a comparison chart for each of the levels of the Student Writing Intensives.

If you have been contemplating purchasing IEW, like I was for many years, yet you let the price keep you from doing so. Let me strongly urge you, to take the plunge! Your children will greatly appreciate the skills they will learn from Mr. Pudewa and you will be grateful to have laid a strong foundation for them to build on. Our family intends to purchase Level C next year!

You can purchase the Combo pack that I received for $239. The portable wall sells for $7.

Please visit the crew blog to see what my crew mates have to say about IEW.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home

Are you a homeschool mom, or a stay at home mom who would like to, or perhaps even NEEDS to earn some money at home to make ends meet?

Terri camp has got the answer for you!    

Terri Camp, author of Ignite the Fire.. the very first book I read when I first started homeschooling 11 years ago, has created a series of interviews speaking with mom's who homeschool and make money at home!
She interviewed 13 mom's who are making money from home. Real mom's with real families, doing real businesses! And each one of them share how you can do it for your family!

Even if you are not a homeschool mom... you will learn a great deal from allof the speakers!

She interviews....
Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids...
Heidi St. John
Mary Jo Tate
and... Me...... along with 9 other homeschool moms!

Some mom's are making a couple hundred dollars a month... one is making a six figure income, and everything in between!

In the climate of job uncertainty, these interviews are sure to help you find ways to help your family..

And if you purchase the audio series, you will also get an 

  • E-copy of Ignite the Fire by Terrie Camp.. my favorite homeschool book!

  • A free 2 month membership to Terri's website Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home and each month you will get a new interview and a Q and A call with Terri.

  • And access to ALL 13 interviews!

Check it out by following the link!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TOS Crew Review: Go Trybe

One thing that I am a fan of, is getting kids, well everyone really, but especially kids up and active. In today's  world where kids spend most of their time behind a an electronic device of some sort.

So, I was very interested in seeing how Go Trybe was going to tackle getting kids active!! What is Go Trybe you ask?  Go Trybe is an online program that aims to not only teach children about nutrition and health, but to also encourage them to get off of their seats and onto their feet and get active. They do this with workout 'videos' that the child designs, and then use all right from their computer.

Here you can see some screen shots. This first one is where the child can select and 'drop' in what workout they would like to do.  As you can see, they have a warm up , cardio, strength and flexibility section.  When the child clicks in one of those areas, appropriate workouts pop up for them to choose from.

Here you see a shot of one of the workouts that can be chosen. This particular workout will build on basketball skills and it lasts 7 minutes. When I set up the workouts, they generally lasted approximately 20 - 25 minutes.


The next component of Go Trybe is education. In very small tidbits they 'feed' children one piece of information per day.  The child earns points for doing each of the daily activities, in which they can redeem to dress their personal avatar. They also have a discussion forum available.

Now, what are my thoughts about all they have offer...

I have mixed opinions of Go Trybe. In theory, I love the idea. I can see it as being beneficial if you live in an area where weather is poor most of the time, or if you live in an apartment, and do not have adequate outside play area for your children.  However, I do not believe that Go Trybe can compete with good ole playing outside in the fresh air!  My children are very athletic, so they would rather go shoot hoops in the back yard, or go the park, than do a workout video in front of the computer.

The videos themselves, are alright. Some were very typical looking exercise videos, while some we done in a classroom setting. There is a whole segment we as a family would not do, because we do not listen to hip hop music. In fact, a lot of the music in the background was not what we would have playing in our home.  However, if your family does not have those same guidelines, you would probably enjoy all of the workout videos.

The built in incentives of earning points to upgrade your avatar were of no interest to my children. In fact, we did not care for the voluptuous looking avatars. However, we did find a child looking one that we could use.

The informational tidbits, were just that. Not terribly in depth, and not always subject matter my children needed to learn about. For instance, anorexia.

All in all, I would give this product a C.  It did not work for our family, but it may work for yours!

Check out Go Trybe for free for one day by visiting their website.  Membership is $19.95 for one year.

Don't forget to checkout the crew blog to see what my crew mates have to say about Go Trybe.

Spicing Up the Kitchen With Graphics Toolbox!


As most of you know, I began working with Great Software Tools, creator of Graphics Toolbox last year, after reviewing their product for the TOS Homeschool Crew.  I have loved the ways I have found to infuse our life with Graphics Toolbox. It really embodies the philosophy of learning through living.

What better way to acquire technology skills, than to learn while using them through out your life. This homeschool mom and fellow crew member, found an ingenious way to use Graphics Toolbox to 'spice' up her kitchen.      

Check out her blog to see how!!!

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!

For more information on Graphics Toolbox, you can visit our website!

How would you use Graphics Toolbox in your life? Leave a comment below!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine 19 FREE Gifts Promo!!

As many of you know, I LOVE The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. It is the one homeschool publication that your MUST subscribe to! It will encourage you and equip you to be the best teacher you can me! And, if you subscribe, right now, there are 19 FREE gifts included in your subscription price!

Read more about it below... and then go subscribe today!

Have you heard about all the gifts TOS is  giving away just for subscribing to their magazine?

Start enjoying a two-year subscription to a high-quality magazine packed full of insights from leading homeschool experts delivered right to your door. You’ll love flipping through nearly 200 PRINT pages of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

Subscribe Now and receive a plethora of gifts worth over $300!

You’ll receive hard copy books, DVDs, subscriptions to learning sites, CDs and more.

CLICK HERE to see what they have  got for you.

And hey, have you heard about their new subscriber-only benefit called the Teacher's Toolbox? This is ABOVE AND BEYOND the 19 free gifts you'll receive if you are within the first 5,000 two-year subscribers. Teacher's Toolbox is their brand new password-protected site which is FULL of resources for TOS subscribers only! Believe it or not, you'll also get ALL of our digital back-issues on this site! You'll be reading for WEEKS!

PLUS TOS is throwing in a 20th BONUS GIFT => a John Taylor Gatto E-Book entitled Hammering at the Walls of Public Schooling AND MP3 recording of him speaking on the topics of "Open Source Education" and "Everything You Know About Institutional Schooling is Wrong!

Get yours NOW before they sell out!

Don't miss your chance to get these 19 free gifts and access to their password-protected site stuffed full of educational material!

*The 19 Gifts Promo is open to U.S Subscribers only.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

TOS Crew Review: Yesterday's Classics


For years, I have worked at incorporating classic books into our homeschool. And while we have been somewhat successful in doing so, there is one thing that stands in between my children and 'yesterday's classics'. And that is that book seem old and stuffy! That is where Yesterday's Classics come in. Yesterday's Classics has classic stories from yester year with the technology of today.

Yesterday's Classics have been reprinting classic books into paperbacks, and still have those available. However, now, they have taken those same stories and put them in EPub (ex. NooK Color) and Kindle formats. In the transcribing process they have used modern type to help with ease of reading for todays readers, and they have included original artwork whenever possible.

As part of the crew we were sent their bundle of 225 titles, yes you heard me correctly! 225 titles, for free to review! Our family owns a Nook Color, and chose to have the books come via EPub files. Now, don't fret, if you do not have an E-reader. You can download many of the E-reader software to your pc and read the books on your pc!

When I started homeschooling, I had visions of sitting by the fireplace reading books to my adoring and obedient children! Fast forward 11 years and guess what you see... a couch full of reluctant readers! However, with having these classic books on my Nook Color, all of sudden they are accessible to the children in a way they never were before. They love the technology, and I love the fact that my children are reading classic literature!  A perfect marriage!

Here are some other bonuses; I have transfered files from my computer to my Nook Color in the past, of free versions classic stories. However, they are very difficult to navigate through. When we were reading these files all we could do was scroll. So if the book of 300 pages, this is not fun! However, with Yesterday's Classics E-Pub files, there is a table of contents that is clickable. You can simply click to the chapter of your choice. This is a huge plus! Also their quality is very poor and sometimes very difficult to read.

There is also no Digital Rights Management, meaning that you have the ability to download the books to as many devices as you own!

Dozen's of Yesterday's Classic's titles have been adopted by popular curriculum publishers, such as:  Ambelside Online, Heart of Dakota, Living Books Curriculum and Tapestry of Grace!

Another bonus, that really helps to put the icing on the cake, is that fact, that having 225 books to carry with you on an e-reader, makes schooling on the go a breeze! We are a busy homeschooling family, who often spends time away from home. On a recent trip to the Auto Club, my daughter and I brought the Nook, loaded with our Yesterday's Classics bundle and did our reading while we waited!

Visit Yesterday's  Classics to pick up your book bundle for $99.95 through May 31, 2011.

And don't forget to visit the crew blog to see what my crew mates have to say about Yesterday's  Classics.