Thursday, October 27, 2011

Say Anything

I was first introduced to the North Star family of games almost 2 years ago, when I was given the opportunity to review Wits and Wagers Family, you can read that review here.  I will tell you that our family still enjoys playing Wits and Wagers Family! This time around, I have the chance to review Say Anything!

I must say that we love this game as much as we do Wits and Wagers! It is quick, fun and the whole family can play!

Here is how North Star Games describes it:

"Say Anything is a light-hearted game about what you and your friends think.  It will get people talking, laughing and having fun in minutes.  Enjoy it with three to eight family members or as an hilarious party game with adults.  So dig deep into your heart or just come up with something witty - this is your chance to Say Anything!"


Geared for ages 8+ for 3 -6 players. This is a quick game, you can play start to finish in 10- 25 minutes depending on how many players are participating. Each player takes a turn reading questions. These are hard hitting questions like... What would be the worst fruit to accidentally sit on?  or What movie character would I least want to be? or Which famous person should never be allowed to rap? While the remaining players quickly write down their answers.  The question reader ( or judge) secretly picks their favorite answer.  The remaining player then place their 2 tokens on the card or cards they think the judge will pick. You get points for guessing correctly and for the judge picking your answer!

Our family of all ages had a great time playing this game, and it did not take too long to play. Which for our busy life, is the kind of game we need! We laughed as we looked at the answers that each other came up with. At first, some were trying give sort of serious answers, which quickly morphed into who could come up with the wittiest answer!

This would make a great came for the holiday gatherings coming up. I think we will break this out on Thanksgiving Day!  As well as a wonderful gift for the family for Christmas!


You can purchase online for approx $19.99 at various retailers, such as Amazon,  or you can go here to find a store near you!

Don't forget to stop by the crew blog to see what my crew mates have to say about.... Say Anything!


***Note: I received a free copy of Say Anything in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation has been offered or accepted.   The views expressed here are my personal opinions, and do not constitute a promise of service or guarantee.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Memories - Giveaway Winner Announced


I would like to announce the winner of the MyMemories giveaway..... Julie from A Teaching Heart!

Julie, I hope that you enjoy your My Memories Suite!



Monday, October 24, 2011

Marshall Publishing - George Washington Carver


As a family of homeschoolers with a myriad of special needs learners, we often look for ways to get information into our children, without having them to read it out of dry textbooks. We have utilized audio and video methods many times over the years. However, we had never heard of Marshall Publishing.

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, we were given the opportunity to review a George Washington Carver Educational DVD.  We sat down as a family and watched and learned about George Washington Carver. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about his life, and his career. A wonderful treat, was toward the end of the DVD, there was actual film footage of George Washington Carver speaking.

As a family, we have our own garden, and we have been striving to have a healthy diet. The interesting thing is, that many of the things we have learned about healthy soils and healthy plants, George Washington Carver, either discovered or taught on. It was neat for the kids to see that and make the connection for themselves.

The video is not high paced, or high impact, so small children may not be able to sit still. However,  I would say if you have an upper elementary all the way up through high school and beyond! There are little nuggets sprinkled throughout the DVD.

George Washington Carver is available for $19.95, However, Marshall Publishing is offering my readers a 15% discount, which brings your price to $16.95 plus shipping and handling.  Please use coupon code TOSC1 at check out to receive you discount.

While you are on the Marshall Publishing website be sure to see all they have to offer! Here you will find their Educational Historical Documentaries.

You can also follow Marshall Publishing on Facebook!

Be sure to visit the crew blog to see what my crew mates are saying about George Washington Carver and Marshall Publishing!




Friday, October 21, 2011

Mighty Macs - A Movie for the Whole Family

Do you have plans for the weekend? How about a movie date night with your entire family?  The Mighty Macs, is a movie that you can feel comfortable watching with all of your family members.

We were recently given the opportunity to preview The Mighty Macs, prior to todays' theater release. And I must tell you,  my daughters and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this moving together. It is inspirational and exciting!

What did we enjoy about this movie? First, It was based on a true story, which is why I wanted to watch it with my daughters. I want them to remember that they have been blessed with many talents, and it is up to them to use their God given abilities. And this movie does a wonderful job showcasing a group of women, who, in the midst of diversity, learn how to rise above it and believed in themselves, and worked together for a common goal!  Second, it was about women's basketball, and with an aspiring women's athlete, I knew that she would love to see other women doing what she loves to do! And, finally, I love that I did not have to shield their eyes, or divert attention or mute one single time, throughout the entire movie. It really is a movie that can be watch by the entire family!

Let's make a point to support movies like this! Let's show the movie industry, that there is a large market for uplifting, inspiring and wholesome films!

The Mighty Macs - Opening in Theaters today, October 21st - check your local listings!

Rated G

Take a moment to watch The Mighty Macs Trailer:


Here is a little about the movie that was shared with us from the producers:

"It's 1971. Cathy Rush is a woman ahead of her time ... and she's about to embark on an adventure for the ages. A new era is dawning in the country and in collegiate athletics, where a national champion will be crowned for the first time in women's basketball.

In the lead up to this historical season, major universities are preparing their game plans to win that first title. Meanwhile a tiny all-women's Catholic college in Philadelphia has a more modest goal: find a coach before the season begins. Providentially, Cathy Rush is about to find Immaculata College.

Recently married, Cathy is dealing with the aftermath of a truncated playing career. While cultural norms would have her staying at home, she's willing to do the hard work necessary to help her new team reach their goals—or perhaps she's just trying to achieve her unfulfilled dreams through them.

From the beginning, her challenges are as imposing as the big-school teams Immaculata will face on the court. Cathy learns there is no gymnasium on campus, she receives little support from the school's Mother Superior, and the school is in dire financial straits. To top it off, she may not even have enough players to field a team!

While it appears the Macs don't have a prayer, all hope is not lost. With the help of Sister Sunday—a spunky assistant coach—and the support of a booster club of elderly nuns, Coach Rush creates a new game plan that just might bring the team—and the school—together.

Will this pioneer buck cultural norms and spur her rag-tag team to unexpected heights? Or will her hard-driving ways create a wedge between the coach and everyone around her? One thing's for certain: there's never been anyone like Cathy Rush at Immaculata!"
You can learn more about the movie by visiting these websites!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services
mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I
only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255:
“Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Thursday, October 20, 2011

TOS Crew Review: Educating the Whole Hearted Child

As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, we were given the opportunity to review Educating the WholeHearted Child written by Clay and Sally Clarkson and published by Apologia Education Ministries. I must tell you, that this is a whopper of a book (376 pages), and  I have only begun to scratch the surface of all that this book has to offer. In this review, I will do my best to convey all that the amazing book has to offer.

This book can easily be called the How to Homeschool Manual.  I have found many of the thoughts that  I have had about homeschooling over the years have been contained in this wonderful book. The interesting thing is that I had never heard of this book, and I discovered that this book has actually been around since 1994, and recently has been completely updated! I wish that I had known about this book, back when I first started homeschooling my children 12 years ago.

Clay and Sally Clarkson share with you, how their family integrated "Real Books and Real Life" into their homeschool and their family, creating a "Vibrant Center of Living and Learning". One thing that is stressed throughout the book, is that their intent is not that you follow their model exactly. They want you to allow God to be the center of your home, and to lead your homeschool. The information shared between the covers of this book, should serve as tools for you to use.  I love this! Often times as homeschoolers, we get so caught up in how others do things, and trying to recreate their homeschool, that we neglect to lean on God and allow Him to design our homeschool.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in Educating the Whole Hearted Child:

~ Learning at to Home with Christ

~ Shepherding Your Child's Spirit to Long for God

~Living and Learning Together at Home

~ Creating a home You Can Learn Within

~ Understanding Your Child

~ The Study of the Bible

~The Study of Living

~Keeping the Vision Alive

And much more!!!

Her you can see chapter one and the complete table of contents to get a taste of all that this books has to offer.

In addition to these, you will also find a section in the back with some very useful forms!  While there are some of the forms that you would expect in a homeschool book, the forms that most impress me ( which are most of them) are the ones that not only on focus on say a chore that needs to be done. But it also reminds the child (and us) of why they are doing those chores. The Check Me Out Dependable List is designed to train and reinforce good habits in your children, rather than discipline them.  Next to the list of morning chores it says " Sow your seed in the morning"...  Evening it says, " And at evening let your hands not be idle"... and  All Day says, " Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God".  I like that A LOT!!  It is a reminder to us, as parents that we are to be focused on the heart of the child, not simply the behavior.  What a wonderful tool!

As you work through this book, you will find that any question that you have had, has been addressed. From homeschooling methods, to how to pick out a curriculum, to learning styles, to planning, to individual subjects and so much more!

Please take a moment to visit Apologia and take a look at this must have for every homeschool! You can purchase your very own copy of Educating the Whole Hearted Child for $22 on the Apologia Website.  Apologia, also offers a fill line of Science Curriculum, Apologetics and Geography Resources and much more!

Take a moment to visit the crew blog to see what my crew mates have to say about Educating the WholeHearted Child.


**note: I was provided with a complementary copy of Educating the Whole Hearted Child in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions shared in the review are my own, and do not constitute and guarantees or promises. No other compensations has been offered or accepted.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Memories Review and Giveaway!!!

I was recently given the opportunity to review My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software. Now before I begin, I feel that I should tell you a few things, I think you should know about me. First, I am NOT a scrapbooker! Moreover, I am a photo taker, that has hundreds of photos, on my camera, on my phone and on my computer ( files and on places like facebook) and I even have crates, yes crates filled with photos that have not been cataloged, categorized, or put into albums... I believe about 25 years worth...

As you can see, in the world of scrapbooking, I am a novice! So the following review, is from a beginners point of view!

With all of that said, when I heard about My Memories, a digital scrapbooking program, I was excited.I thought that maybe, just maybe, this program would help me to organize the memories that I cherished enough to take a photo of!  My Memories is a digital scrapbooking program that gives you the tools to save your photos in fun ways. In addition to typical looking scrap book pages, you also have the ability to save them in a slide show or movie and set them to music and a myriad of other options.

There are some very basic templates that come with the program, however, in addition to these, they have a free kits section available on their website, that will give you quite the catalog of embellishments, templates and background papers to choose from. All for free! Plus they have many affordable kits available for you to purchase as well.

So now, here is the question, is My Memories easy enough for a novice like me to get the hang of? The answer yes! There was a learning curve, but I would say that is more about me trying to be creative, versus the program being difficult to use. While there were many times, where I sat looking at the screen thinking... okay, I don't know where to begin, thankfully, many of the templates available through My Memories, have built in creativity.

However, when I just started working with the program, first I would pick the template that I wanted to use, and then as that opened up, I started thinking about what photos, and what I wanted to convey with that album.  And by doing that I would then select the photos to get ready to be placed into the scrapbook.

When I am ready to place the photo, I simply drag it into place and it will auto fit into the template frame. Also, if you don't like how it is centered, you can 'nudge' it into the position you like.  You even have the option of changing the order of how items are 'stacked' on the page.  Which one is in the very back and how the others are layered in front.  By using s few of these very simple options, each of these pages that you see here, were built!

What you see throughout this post are some of the pages that I created while using My Memories.


Here is a screen shot of the control panel within My Memories.

On the left of the screen shot, are additional template options available through My Memories, and on the right, you find your controls for adding, background papers, embellishments, word art, music and much more!  On the bottom, you will see each of the pages you have created in the album that you are working on.

The page I was working on in the screen shot, used a blank template, I added a background paper, the flowers and the wording.. this was one of my first attempts at being creative, from scratch.

The biggest plus of all, is the affordablity of the My Memories! You can download your My Memories Suite for $39.97!

But that's not all!!!!

I have some even better news! First, the fine people from My Memories have provided one copy My Memories to giveaway to one of my readers !!! I am so excited for you guys! I know that you are going to love this program! Second, if you are not the reader that wins a free copy, never fear! I have an awesome coupon code for you!

Visit their website and type in this code STMMMS66766 You will receive   a $10 discount off the urchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the store - $20 value!  This is amazing! And makes My Memories very affordable for EVERY family!


If you would like to enter to win your own My Memories Suite, here's how:

Leave a comment, tell me how you plan on using your product!  - 1 entry

Follow this blog - 1 entry - (leave comment)

Follow this blog's Facebook Page - 1 entry (leave comment)

Contest closes on October 25th! Winner will be announced and contacted within 48 hours of contest closing.



**Note, I was given a free copy of My Memories in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions that are expressed within do not constitute a guarantee or promise of services. Additional copy of My Memories has been provided at no charge for a giveaway.

No purchase necessary to enter, must be 18 years old to enter. Void where prohibited.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grape Vine Studies - Joseph Bible Study - NEW Product Review!

As you may have learned from my review of Grape Vine Studies a few years ago, I really love their products. I was introduced to them while working on the TOS Homeschool Crew, and I was given the opportunity to review their product. You can see my review for them here.

I have been able to review Grape Vine Studies newest bible study on the life of Joseph! This is a Multi- Level  Bible Study, which means you can use it with many ages. We actually used this with Jr. High and High School Students.  This particular study is not geared for the high school set. So we did some modifications to the study, which was super easy to do! 

We followed along and worked together. We stick figured, and we memorized verses, and we answered the questions, and we plotted on the time line, however, we also added things, like looking words up in the concordance, and writing out those definitions, and instead of simply drawing their 'favorite' parts of the lesson, which we still had them do, we also had them write about it.

If you are a larger family working with many age levels, Grape Vine Studies makes it easy to have a bible study TOGETHER!  As I mentioned in my original review, I had never understood what the point of drawing the stick figures. I had heard about this program for years, and I just did not get it. However, once we received the product and really began to dig in, what I found is that my children, LOVED to draw what they were learning. And it provided them a way to connect to the stories they were learning. And we did this together as a family, and it promoted great conversation. Which was a wonderful launching pad point for them!

You  can learn more about the complete line of Joseph products by visiting Grape Vine Studies, prices begin at $11.95 which make it very affordable!

And please take a moment to visit Grape Vines Studies to see their full line of products! You won't be sorry! In fact, you'll be glad that you did!

The fine people of Grape Vine Studies has offered my readers a 20% coupon on any item not already on sale. Simply use Coupon Code blog55, this coupon is good through October 31, 2011.

*note** I was given a free copy of Joseph in exchange for my honest review of the product. No other form of compensation has been offered or received. All opinions expressed here are my own, and do not constitute a guarantee. **

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cooper and Me - Book Review and Giveaway

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a children's picture book, both written ( actually co-written with her mom) and illustrated by an 11 year old girl. I firmly believe that we should be inspiring our children to live life to the fullest and to pursue with great fervor what God has called them to do. With that in mind, I was excited to see the creation this bright young girl has come up with.

Before I give you my take on this book, I want to give you the official word from the publishers;

"Cooper and Me was illustrated by 11-year-old Alexa Peters and co-written with her mother, Monique Peters.  The idea was inspired by Alexa's own experiences on her first day of school.  A talented young artist and writer, Alexa wanted to give back to others in a meaningful way through her art.  Starting at a very young age, Alexa created illustrated stories about her daily experiences, and from the pages of her sketchbooks came the idea for her first book, Cooper and Me.

Through rhythmic verses, Cooper and Me tells the story of a young girl who is nervous as her first day of school approaches.  She is frightened about leaving home and doesn't want to go without her best friend, her dog Cooper. Fortunately her mother finds the perfect solution to help the little girl overcome her fears – a small replica of her beloved pet she can take to school with her.  In Cooper and Me, the story of a child’s fears about starting school has evolved into a timeless tale about overcoming separation anxiety and trying new things – basic emotions all people experience throughout their lives – but this time, written by a child, for children.

The story behind Cooper and Me also offers an inspiring example of families working together to help others.  In addition to helping young children gain emotional resilience and confidence through their books, Alexa and mom Monique wanted to go beyond that to help less fortunate kids.  Their search for an organization to which they could donate a portion of the proceeds from the Cooper and Me book led to a charitable alliance with the Happy Hearts Fund, founded and run by Petra Nemcova, the supermodel who was directly affected by the tsunami in Thailand. Happy Hearts improves children’s lives through education and sustainable programs in natural disaster areas."

What is the Creative Learners take?

Cooper and Me is a sweet story , that would definitely speak to the child who is apprehensive about starting school. However, it would also speak to any child about to start out on anything unfamiliar. Perhaps camp, or their first overnight trip, etc.. My children are too old for picture books, however, another reason why I thought reviewing this book would be fun, is that my 12 year old loves to draw. And considering this book was illustrated by an 11 year old, I thought this might serve as inspiration. And it has! She has been seen, more often than before, with pad and paper in her hand, sketching to her hearts desire!

Even if your child does not have to itch to be an artist, I think simply seeing that another child has accomplished their goal, can inspire our children to reach for theirs!

If you have a little one in your family, this cute little story would be a wonderful addition to their library. BONUS: in the back of the book, there are learning pages! There is a page where the child can fill in the blanks, telling us all about their first day of school. As well as, several more pages with lessons to be gleaned from the story, that will help extend learning and conversation between parent and child! On the back cover, they even have included a free Cooper and Me Theme song download!

Now here is the good news for you and your little one! I have a copy of Cooper and Me to give away! Here is how you enter:

Like the Cooper and Me  Facebook Page - 1 entry

Leave a comment, tell me about the child you would like to give this book to. How old are they, and why you think they would enjoy it! - 1 entry!

Blog about this giveaway - leave link in comments - 1 entry

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Contest will close on Thursday October 20th 10 pm ( Pacific).

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services
mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I
only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255:
"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

No Purchase Necessary, entrants must be 18 years or older.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Professor in a Box - Principles of Marketing a TOS Crew Review!

As our family/homeschool matures, our interests evolve. Currently, our teenagers have some home businesses that they are trying to get off the ground, as well as, the home businesses that I have.  So as you might have guessed, when we heard that Professor in a Box was on the the line-up with a Principles of Marketing course, we were praying that we were chosen to do this review! And we were!!!!

What exactly is Professor in a Box? Professor in a Box is a company that I was introduced to a couple of years ago, here on the crew. ( You can read my review here! )At that time we reviewed their Financial Accounting Program. Both programs are geared for high school students, or adults that are preparing to take the CLEP test in either of the subjects available. Even if your student is not preparing for the CLEP test, they are getting college level material, additionally they are learning self study skills as they navigate the program. These were the very skills that I used when I took my online college courses.


Here is what Professor in a Box has to say about the Principles of Marketing~

"Principles of Marketing, by Julie Pirsch, Ph.D. is a challenging college level introductory Marketing course similar in content to the first marketing course taken by all students in university and college schools of business across the country. Principles of Marketing is also known as Basic Marketing, Introduction to Marketing, Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing, or Marketing Principles. Any high school level student with basic reading and math skills can handle this course.

This course was created as an elective for high school students interested in pursuing a career in business and for students interested in taking the CLEP Principles of Marketing Exam. On a more formal level, this course provides students with a description and evaluation of the ways in which goods and services are developed to meet customer and consumer needs, and how they are distributed for domestic and international consumption. It examines the economic, government, social, and other environmental forces in relation to the marketing function, placing emphasis on relevant social problems and responsibilities."        

So what is the Creative Learners take?

The Principles of Marketing is a very thorough and extensive program. There are 19 chapters, presented over 28 lessons. Each Lesson has a lecture, online resources,  a review of the key concepts of that chapter and a chapter quiz. There are also 3 exams, after chapters 5, 11 and 19.   By the end of this program you should have learned all the required material to pass the CLEP test for Principles of Marketing.

At this point, that is not our goal, we are simply looking to grow our own knowledge. We have already achieved that, and we have yet to complete the program in it's entirety.  The program covers everything from market research, branding, product development, retailing, pricing, advertising, personal selling and much much more! As you can see, even if you are using the Principles in Marketing simply to learn to help your business, it would be well worth the investment!  This program is clearly designed for the college level, however, the manufacturers state that anyone with a basic reading level can complete this course.  You can view Chapter 1 here.  Here are the online resources that are given for the course.  To see if it woudl be a match for your students.  The Principles of Marketing presents the material in a simple straight forward manner, however, I found that  Professor Pirsch is very engaging and easy to listen to.

The program is presented as a power point type presentation, that the Professor is lecturing over. At certain times, she will have you pause the program to complete a specific assignment. Once completed you resume the presentation. The quizzes provided are also in what appears to be an interactive powerpoint type  presentation. It auto corrects as you go through the quiz, and will give you your results at the end. Letting you know if you  passed or failed.

Over all, our family has enjoyed this program, and we have expanded our knowledge in the area of Marketing!




Principles in Marketing is available for $119.99 at the Professor in a Box website.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


And don't forget to check out the crew blog to see what my crew mates have to say about the Principles in Marketing!

**note: I received a free copy of Principles of Marketing for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own, and do not convey a guarantee of result.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scruble Cube

What in the world is a Scruble Cube? Take a look at the video below, and see for yourself!

As you can see, this is a game that takes word building to a whole new level. Our family was thrilled to learn that we were on the list to review Scruble Cube!

When the package arrived, we tore it open and began to play right away! Scruble Cube is a very versatile game you can play with friends or you can play on your own.

As you see from the video, the Scruble Cube is a cross between a Rubiks Cube and the classic board game of Scrabble. You build words, the longer the words the more points, if they travel over more than one side, bonus points... plus there are 2x and 3 x letter score 'squares' available as well.  This game can become very competitive. However, on the other side of the coin, is that this can also be a game that you can take on the road, or in a doctor's office, and your child can play by himself, or several of your children can pass the cube along and build words, whether or not you decide to keep score.  And for added challenge you can use the included hour glass, and limit the amount of time you have to create your word.

Overall, we give Scruble Cube 2 thumbs up. However, I would be remiss if I did not mention our misadventures with Scruble Cube. Our Cube arrived, and we began to play.... and I told my children to please be careful because it was a review item... and one afternoon, I was playing with it ( not the children... me.... ) and I manipulated the cube and all of a sudden it was in what seemed like hundred's of pieces... I was MORTIFIED!!!!!

I quickly emailed the the fine people that make Scruble Cube, and the customer service was TOP NOTCH!!! And they shipped out a brand new cube out to me, no problem! The president of the company emailed me, and assured that the new cube was from a different batch.

Upon receiving our second cube, we played with the cube, and I made sure NOT TO BE SUPER CAREFUL! I wanted to know for sure that the cube could withstand the wear and tear and bumps and bruises of a regular family.. and guess what... that cube really held up to the many hands of our family!

Please visit the crew blog to see what my crew mates are saying about Scruble Cube!

Scruble Cube is available now online, and available for $24.95.

**disclaimer- I was sent a free Scruble Cube in exchange for my honest review. This post fulfills that commitment. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own and offer no guarantee.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Every Right to a Beautiful Life: Team Miranda Sarah

What happens when two childhood friends connect on Facebook?  For the answer, we will have to go back to the very beginning.  Okay, maybe not the VERY beginning!

My friend Maura and I met in the 7th grade.. and in typical fashion we had lost touch over the years. The last time I had laid eyes on her was at our 10 year high school reunion.. and no, I am not going to tell you how many years ago that was!

And then through the marvels of Facebook, we connected once again. And it has been so nice to be able to catch up and keep track of the goings on in Maura's life, as I follow her Facebook page.  By doing that I discovered that Maura's daughter Miranda has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, or Juvenile Diabetes. I also learned that Maura and her family and friends, affectionately known as 'Team Miranda' walk each year at Dodger Stadium to raise money for JDRF to raise funds to find a cure!

This year my high school aged boys and I started a homeschool home business of creating memory videos. And about that time, Maura posted her, "It's that time again" letter about the upcoming Walk for JDRF Los Angeles.

And the wheels in my head started to spin... not always a safe thing...

Anyhow, I sent Maura a message, and asked her about creating a video to help raise money for Team Miranda at the walk coming up. And the rest is what  we would call, history!

The video you see below, is the result of a long time friendship.  It is amazing to know that God puts in your path, the people you need in life, long before you know that you need them. I am very thankful for my friendship with Maura, and I am thankful that we have had this time to share together as we worked on this video.

Please take just a few moments to watch 'Every Right to a Beautiful Life: Team Miranda Sarah'.  And then we ask for 2 things from you.

First, if you are able, would you please consider giving to Team Miranda Sarah?  No donation is too small!

And second, would you please share the link to the video with your friends and family? Would you please post it on your Facebook pages, your blogs, and your twitter accounts?

Any help that you can give, is greatly appreciated!

Doesn't every child have Every Right to a Beautiful Life?



Monday, October 3, 2011

Food Matters - Week Long FREE Screening!! You Are What You Eat!!!

Right now there is a free screening going on of the movie, Food Matters.

You can see the trailer below....



What is Food Matters?

" 'Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food' - Hippocrates. That is the message from the founding father of modern medicine echoed in the controversial new documentary film Food Matters from Producer-Directors James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch.

With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what's wrong with our malnourished bodies, it's no wonder that modern society is getting sicker. Food Matters sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide 'sickness industry' and gives people some scientifically verifiable solutions for overcoming illness naturally.

"With access to better information people invariably
make better choices for their health..."

In what promises to be the most contentious idea put forward, the filmmakers have interviewed several leading experts in nutrition and natural healing who claim that not only are we harming our bodies with improper nutrition, but that the right kind of foods, supplements and detoxification can be used to treat chronic illnesses as fatal as terminally diagnosed cancer.

The focus of the film is in helping us rethink the belief systems fed to us by our modern medical and health care establishments. The interviewees point out that not every problem requires costly, major medical attention and reveal many alternative therapies that can be more effective, more economical, less harmful and less invasive than conventional medical treatments.

The ‘Food Matters' duo have independently funded the film from start to finish in order to remain as unbiased as possible, delivering a clear and concise message to the world. Food Matters." - From the Food Matters Website.....

You can find Food Matters on Facebook!  And there is more info on their website!

Now you have been commissioned! Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about Food Matters, and let's take back our health! After all, when we are feeling at our best, we are able to live out the purpose that God has called us to!

Be well and God Bless!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

TOS is Going Digital!

Check out all that the new TOS magazine is going to offer as it goes digital!