Friday, May 4, 2012

A Plus TutorSoft - Pre Algebra - A Review

As you know, math is not a favorite subject around here. For me or my children. The main reason for that, is that I did not excel in math as a student, therefore I often struggle with feeling inadequate to teach them. My kids struggle with some of the same issues I did as a child as well.  When you add those together, it makes  a very difficult combination.

Because of both of these factors, I have been put on a journey to find math curriculum or products that will help me help my children. Today we are going to take a look at the program A Plus TutorSoft.

We have been using their CD program. (They also have books, and online programs) I have been very pleased with this program. It is complete, affordable and versatile.  When you purchase the CD program,  you are purchasing a complete math curriculum, with parental tracking, lesson plans, the math text, mutli-media lessons and interactive Q & A's, worksheets and exams (both with solutions guide) and progress reports!

What is the Creative Learners take on A Plus Tutor Soft?

We were using their Pre-Algebra Program with my daughter. She is a very reluctant learner, however, we were able to have her sit down and use this program.

The first few times we used the program, I sat down next to her. I did this for two purposes. One, for the purpose of review. I wanted to be able to see first hand how the program worked and how she worked with the program. Also, I wanted to be available in case she needed help or direction.  And then after a few lessons, I left her on her own to see how she would do, using this program independently.

We sat down together and started with the mutlimedia lessons. While we were sitting together she did very well. There were a few times that I needed to help reiterate something that was said, in order for her to understand. However, she would then be able to understand and proceed to the Interactive Q & A that would give her immediate feedback on whether she retained what she had just learned. She was able then to either go on or go back and relearn what we had just covered.  I found that when she used the program on her own, she needed to go back and revisit the information more than when I sat with her. However, I do not feel like that is due to any program failures. My daughter has a short attention span, and is easily distracted.  And without me sitting there, she was not always able to stay focused. However, this is typical of all of her studies.

However, with A Plus Tutor Soft, it was able to keep her interested, because it was interactive. She liked that the text was read to her. That helped her to listen and learn. I should also mention here that she has dyslexia, so we love the fact that the text is read to her! (The full curriculum book is also available on the CD. Your child can also read that on their own)  We also loved the fact that when she was stuck, she could listen to the text again, and in the end she would understand what was being taught. She also really enjoyed the Interactive Q & A. The Q&A section proved to be motivating for her to get through her work! That is a huge plus!

I have been very happy with A Plus Tutor Soft.  Another bonus to this program, is that you are able to use each level with more than one student. So if you have several kids in your family,  you will only need to purchase each level with your children.

You can currently purchase A Plus Tutor Soft starting at $79.99.

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