Thursday, May 12, 2011

Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home

Are you a homeschool mom, or a stay at home mom who would like to, or perhaps even NEEDS to earn some money at home to make ends meet?

Terri camp has got the answer for you!    

Terri Camp, author of Ignite the Fire.. the very first book I read when I first started homeschooling 11 years ago, has created a series of interviews speaking with mom's who homeschool and make money at home!
She interviewed 13 mom's who are making money from home. Real mom's with real families, doing real businesses! And each one of them share how you can do it for your family!

Even if you are not a homeschool mom... you will learn a great deal from allof the speakers!

She interviews....
Sarah Cook of Raising CEO Kids...
Heidi St. John
Mary Jo Tate
and... Me...... along with 9 other homeschool moms!

Some mom's are making a couple hundred dollars a month... one is making a six figure income, and everything in between!

In the climate of job uncertainty, these interviews are sure to help you find ways to help your family..

And if you purchase the audio series, you will also get an 

  • E-copy of Ignite the Fire by Terrie Camp.. my favorite homeschool book!

  • A free 2 month membership to Terri's website Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home and each month you will get a new interview and a Q and A call with Terri.

  • And access to ALL 13 interviews!

Check it out by following the link!!

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