Friday, May 27, 2011

TOS Crew: Read for the Heart

As homeschoolers, we are very familiar with the book of books concept. Basically these books are books that list books that would be ideal for your children to read. They have been created from several different angles. Some have simply targeted age groups, or genres, or curriculum, etc.. However, I have recently had the privilege of reviewing Read for the Heart by Sarah Clarkson, for the TOS Homeschool Crew.  This book, is written from the students perspective. Interesting!

One thing that is evident by reading ' Read for the Heart" is that Sarah Clarkson has spent her life surrounded by words. She has such a command of the English Lanuage, that she paints vivid, beautiful pictures with her words.  Isn't that our goal for our children?

Sarah Clarkson shares that, reading great literature, gives witness to the world of both good and evil and helps children learn how to decipher between the two with vivid examples of consequences  of choice.  She also makes the case for good literature in a child's life to show life's goodness.  God's love, as well as, sin in the life of the child.  Sarah also discusses the positive outcomes in a child's life from exposing them to a vast number of words throughout their life.

As a parent, when I read this book,  it not only included a list of book recommendations, those recommendations, come with information about each one and why she recommends them !   But the book, also makes the case for whole books in your family. Sarah provides all the reason why you would want to include whole books into your child's life. However, the most persuasive element is Sarah herself. She shares with her tidbits from her life, and how books have impacted her from a small child, through adulthood.  You can see that her parents sacrifice and commitment to their children's education was evident and it is now shining through their daughter!  Additionally, when you are reading the words that she has penned  you can vividly see the product of such an environment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was not simply informational, it was inspirational!

Read for the Heart is available for $17 , you can get it by visiting the Apologia website! While there you can visit there, to read a sample chapter.

Check out the crew blog, to see what crew mates have to say about Read for the Heart.

**I was provided a free copy of Read for the Heart, in exchange for my honest review.**

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  1. Stopping by from the crew. I was one of the people that hadn't read many books about books, even though I've been home schooling for more than 25 years. I think I got to read the best on, by reading Sarah's. You said it well, " was not simply informational, it was inspirational!" Enjoyed this review.

    Pleased to be following you via GFC and NetworkedBlogs.