Thursday, May 26, 2011

Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home, Going Live with Mary Jo Tate!

Have you purchased your Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home interview series yet? No??? Well let me tell you time is running out to get them at the introductory rate! On Tuesday May31st, @ Noon (CST) when the first interview goes live, the prices go UP!!!! You are not going to want to miss these, interviews! These interviews are going to help launch you and your passion on to the path of success!   You are going to learn the tools  of balancing your homeschool, your home and your home business!

That brings me to our first presenter!! She is none other than Mary Jo Tate.  Tonight at 7:00pm CST, that is 5:00 pm for my local buddies, you can join Terri Camp and Mary Jo Tate in the Screening Room! We tried it out yesterday and it is awesome! Click Here to join the interview!

You can listen to the interview in a room with other Homeschool Mom's, just like you ! And after the interview, there will be time for a question and answer period with Mary Jo and Terri!  Some of the other mom's that Terri interviewed will be available as well! Including me!

Don't miss out on this preview! You are going to love every minute of every interview.. I have learned so much by listening to these inspiring godly women!


And don't forget.. prices go up on Tuesday May 31st! Get your copy of the interviews today!!!

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