Friday, January 23, 2009

Spears Art Studio

Do you have a subject that you absolutley love, however you feel so inept to teach? For me, that is Art! I love Art. I even loved taking Art Classes in Jr High and High School, however, I am at a loss of how or what to teach. I have given it the good ole college try!  And I think my kids have gotten a little bit out of it, but I was unaware of how to move them to the next level.

Enter, ( stage left) Spears Art Studio.  I had the priveledge of reviewing both the K-8 and the High School Curriculum. WOW! is all that I can say!

Let me start with the creator, Diane Shields Spears, Doctor of Christian Education. She is state certified for both elementary and secondary, has been an educator off-and-on for thirty years, in both private and public school settings. She is recognized in the Art World as well,  including featured artist exhibits, acceptance into juried shows, receiving first place cash awards, free-lance work, illustrating children’s books, and is represented in many private collections.

Now onto the curriculum. Whether you are using the K-8 or the High School course, each week has a theme.  In the K-8 course, the lessons are set up for each month of the year, so some weeks have themes that go along with the seasons or holidays. You can use the K-8 program as a year long study or choose activities to do throughout the year. Another really awesome thing, is that the curriculum is not cosumable, so you will be able to use this curriculum with all your children, or even with the same child, over again!

One of my favorite aspects, is that in both levels, there is a scripture reference to coordinate with the theme. In the high school curriculum the scripture is copied into the students journal, they are to meditate on it and write a response, which, in essence, gets them to applythe verse to their life. Something that was really good for my high schoolers.

In the high school curriculum, Dr. Spears lays out objectives, scripture reference, vocabulary, art history, sketchbook exercises, visual memory exercises, as well as, listing materials needed and the main activity. Even my high schoolers who have very little knowledge and experience were able to grow both in their appreciation of art and their ability.

In the K-8 curriculum she lays out objectives, vocabulary, motivation and focus, materials and the activity. My younger children, as well as, my son who has autism, all enjoyed th eart activities they did. It was a real joy to work with them and watch them as they made their projects.

As a mom, it was wonderful to have an art curriculum that came from a biblical worldview. And not one with just a verse slapped onto the bottom of the page! Thank you Dr. Spears!

You can click here to view free sample lessons. 

When considering how long you will be able to use this curriculum, especially if you have more than one child, the cost is very reasonable! Actually, very affordable! K-8 cd is $39.95, the K-8 printed version with CD is $119.95.  The High School level for the cd is $29.95, printed version is $69.95 and the printed version with cd is $89.95.   If you have the ability to print, then the cd version is all you need. No need to spend the extra money.

I pray that you will give Spears Art Studio a try. I know that you won't be disappointed!



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