Friday, September 25, 2009

Growing Healthy Homes ~ Nutrition 101

~Nutrition 101: Choose Life, A Family Nutrition and Health Program~

This is a very unique curriculum! It takes the information that you would normally find in a biology course and the information from a nutrition course and marries the two. So while you are learning how the body works, you are also learning how to properly fuel your body for optimal health. The goal of this curriculum, is not to simply tell you about biology and nutrition. It is to help you live a more healthy life!  And all of this is from a biblical perspective. After all, God created us, He should be included in a book about how our bodies work!

Nutrition 101: Choose Life covers;
                1) The Brain and Nervous System

2) The Digestive System

3) The Respiratory, Olfactory, Auditory and Visual Systems
4) The Skeletal and Muscular Systems

5) The Cardiovascular and Immune Systems

6)The Endocrine System and Emotion

In addition, you have over 30 appendixes in the back of the book, that cover everything from, how to purchase fresh produce, shopping lists, supplements, kitchen safety, just to name a few. These prove to be invaluable as you transition your family into living a more healthy lifestyle.

Each of the above sections have 4 chapters. In each of those you will find recipes, and activities to enhance learning and really help bring the topics to life.

As you work through Nutrition 101, you will find it impossible or nearly so, to continue to live and eat the way you have been. Let's face it, most of us, even those who feel like they are eating well, have lots to learn about how food interacts with each of our body systems . Even the healthiest of families, will benefit from the information in Nutrition 101.

How has our family used this program? In our house we have children ranging in ages from 10-17. We worked through the section on The Brain and Nervous System during our review period. We treated it like a read aloud. We would all gather 'round and I would read and then we would discuss all the illustrations, side notes and then do the activities... and the best part for us was trying the new recipes!  We have found our new guacamole recipe!!! We like this recipe much better than the one we had been using! And it is great Brain Food!!!

As part of the Crew we were given a download of the book. The book is available to purchase in a CD-rom ($79.95), Hardcopy Book ($99.95) or a Combo set with both ($129.95).  It is available here.

At first I had not intention to print out this book, because after all it is 447 pages and FULL of color illustrations that I love! However, as I began to work through it, I knew I just would not utilize it to it's fullest capacity if it sat on my computer. So I printed it out, the whole thing, in color!  WOW, this is a beautiful book.  The illustrations are awesome, having them in print, and in color really made all the difference for my family. I have been blessed with a color office jet printer... so the cost  wasn't too bad. For our family we like to hold things in our hands..... so, you will have to decide what will work the best for your family.  I also like being able to just print out more of some of the lists in the back as needed.

I have really enjoyed this program, please don't let the price scare you. This is a wonderful family resource!  Please take some time to see what some of the other crew members think about this great product!

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