Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I know there are people who love it and people who hate. I have to tell you a little over a year ago when a friend told me about facebook, I thought, really, do I need something else to 'do'? I have enough on my plate as it is.

Well, I have thouroughly enjoyed Facebook! Not only has it been a great way for our family to stay connected. We have members all over the country. It even helps with members of our church and our homeschool group. You know the people you talk to at church, but you may not list everything that you did all week. It has proven to be a fun way to connect, and keep connect with people face to face!

In addition, it has given me the ability to connect with friends from yester year!! Just in the last two days I have found friends from grammar school!  We went to a TINY school. Less than 100 kids went to this school, and it was in the heart of Los Angeles. So can you say needle in a hay stack???

It has been awesome! And we are planning a get together after the first of the year! I am so looking forward to catching up with them!

If you are leary of Facebook, or if you just don't think it is worth it, give it try, I really think you would enjoy it.

Side note: there are some quirks... worst of them being they periodically change the format and all the user get in a tizzy for a few days, but it then dies down and we get used to the new format. And they also offer privacy features, so you can keep yourself very private!

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