Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Grammar Lessons for Middle School and High School

We have been loving this resource! My kids hop on and work through several lessons a day! It has been a real blessing! Check it out!!

English Grammar 101 may be used free of charge for individual study and home schooling. Students are  able to complete the lessons, have them scored and print them out for their records!  This has been a real time saver in our home!


Here is what the creator has to say about her program....

Welcome to English Grammar 101. This is an instructional series that I originally designed for students, middle school through high school. I am now offering these materials on the Internet for students or anyone interested in improving his or her knowledge of the English language.

Over a period of years, I have developed a learning method that I believe to be new and revolutionary in teaching the structure of languages. Using the interactive capabilities of the computer, this new method provides for the efficient teaching of complex concepts in language and provides for students to interact with the materials and receive immediate feedback of responses. Students learn language concepts and experience the language at the same time. The materials establish a tutorial relationship with the student allowing the student to work at his or her own pace. Each exercise is an instructional sequence and is completely self correcting with a numerical score provided. Pre-tests and final Post-tests are provided as well as a means for teacher monitoring. Essentially, with this new method, the computer has become a powerful teaching and learning tool.

This grammar series may be utilized as an adjunct text within the regular classroom or as a text within alternative educational settings. A student may repeat a volume as often as desired for reinforcement. The object of the series is "learning" and not just completing the material.

I would encourage each student to do his/her best. Don't be discouraged when errors are made. Errors are an important part of learning and an important part of life. Remember that each exercise is an instructional sequence and not a test. Repeat the exercise or volume as many times as you like.


If you are looking for grammar curriculum, why not give this a try.. after all.. it's free!!!


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