Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homeschooling- What I Learned This Summer!

What I have learned!

This summer has been one of great learning in the area of Homeschool options! I know,  you are probably thinking, really Jennifer, you have been homeschooling for what seems like forever and a day! (ha!)

It has been very interesting.  It is much like being a new parent.  You remember when your kids were small… okay, some of you may still have small children.  But when you have small children, you feel as though you have this parenting thing all figured out!  Homeschooling is much of the same!  When I first started homeschooling,  I was very set in my ideas of how I wanted to do things.  And I was sure that I would never deviate from that very well laid path.  What is that saying that God laughs as we make plans…. like we actually are in control..

Back then, I was vehemently opposed to a couple of things… (a)using the computer or TV for most of my children’s education.  (Occasional videos and computer games were fine) (b)I had no need for a PSP! ( In the state of California, that is a Private School with a Homeschooling leg) I can file my own paperwork thank you very much!

Over the last several years, while reviewing curriculum I have been shown the value of DVD and Computer learning, and now my children use both.   And this summer, I have really seen the value of the PSP!  (eegaads!)

This year, I have actually signed my children up with one of our local PSP’s. (As I eluded to in my last post) Why you ask? For one simple reason,  I have athletic children who want to play Competitive Sports, and that is the one thing that I cannot offer them in the homeschool environment.  I still feel like I can file my own paperwork, however, I am willing to submit myself to the PSP’s authority, and follow their guidelines, in order to give my children this wonderful opportunity!

If you are in California, check with CHEA to see if there is a PSP in your area offering CIF Sports! And then take a moment to check out their guidelines and see if this is something that will help your high schooler meet their athletic goals!

There is one other area that I have learned about, while touring the Homeschool Conventions!  I attended a record 3 homeschool conventions this year!  There are a couple of programs that if you use them, they will help you pay off the cost of your child’s college education.

This is an amazing benefit.. and for some, this will be right up your alley. And it’s something you are going to want to know about long before your child is in high school!

One of the programs is from Liberty University . I believe that their program is from 3rd grade to 12th grade. This is an online homeschool option. It can be pricey, though I have known someone who has used it and absolutely loved it. Now here is the good news, every dollar you spend on their homeschool program is rolled over to go toward their college education! WOW!  That makes it a really good deal!

The second program I heard about was for Pensacola Christian College .  This is already an affordable college  in Florida. With the program if you attend for all 4 years you get the 4th year for free. Also, if you use the ABEKA DVD program, any money  you have used toward the DVD program for grades 9-12 will be put toward your child’s college education. They also have various scholarships and programs to earn money toward paying off your school bill.

So, as you plan ahead for your children, keep your eyes and ears for options on getting the most bang for your buck!

Here’s to a fabulous homeschool year!


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  1. I've changed my views on a few things with time and experience.
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