Monday, September 12, 2011

Memories in Motion - A Homeschool Family Business

In typical homeschool fashion, our family has started a homeschool family business. This business is the brain child of out our 16 and 17 year old sons!

We are setting out to be the go to resource for you and your family for saving those treasured memories, and treasured moments in a unique and dynamic way! We are setting your photos, into a dynamic audio visual presentation! We have already have a wonderful time creating several, and would like to make one for you!  For FREE! We will include (1) DVD copy of your video!!

How can you earn a FREE Memories in Motion video? It's simple really, first you need 'like' our facebook page. And then refer your friends! The person who refers the most people by Monday Sept 19th @10pm, will win there very own video from Memories in Motion!

What happens if you don't have a facebook page? No Problem!!!

Simply share this blog post with your friends, and direct them to the facebook page. They would still list you as their referral and you are all set and entered into the contest!

What is a Memories in Motion video?

Here is a video we made that chronicles the fun we have with our Homeschool Group!


In this video, we are looking at our Abundantly Blessed Life, living for our Lord!


This video we used as a kind of party favor for all the guests that joined us for our kids combined birthday party.


Memories in Motion Videos can be used as party favor for a party or event, as we talked about above. You can use these as the graduation video presentations for your homeschool graduation ceremonies. Or you can use them to commemorate that special day to give to your guests, or as a gift for the graduate!

Here are some other great ways to use Memories in Motion Videos!


~New Baby ( shower or arrival)



~Eagle Scout or other Scouting Ceremonies

~Fundraisers - (help people have a better idea of why they should support your cause!)

~ Promote Your Business

~Promote Your Homeschool Group or Conference

~ Promote Your Upcoming Event




~ Remembering the Family Pet

~ First Day of School

~ Reunions

~Before and After videos for Large Projects


There really are no limits on what can be down with Memories in Motion!

If you have any questions you can contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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