Wednesday, February 8, 2012

See-N-Spell Spelling and Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide - A Product Review

In today's world of spell check, often times people feel that spelling is not a skill that needs to be taught. I cannot speak for other families, but I can tell you that in my family we need to have spelling taught. And even then, we need some help when we are working on our writing.

I have a home filled with teenagers. As such, we have a lot of texting going on. One of the things that I require of my teenagers is that they use  real words, and spell them correctly. What this has done, has one, it has helped them think about what they write, and two, it has made mom a walking dictionary. Randomly, I will be given a word to spell.. let  me tell you, when you are knee deep in another activity, this can sometimes be not only distracting, but also difficult. ;-)

So, obviously when we are working on actual writing assignments, (even though some of their texts are much like novels) we run into the same scenario. I have said to them, the very same thing that was said to me.. look it up in the dictionary. And in our house, we do not use a sleek, slimline dictionary, we use the Webster's 1828 Dictionary! That puppy is thick and heavy, and daunting! 

The fine people of See-N-Read thought of  this, and have created an handy little tool that addresses the need, and the obstacle! They have created See-N-Spell Spelling and Vocabulary Quick Reference Guide a quick reference guide that your young writer can tuck away into their writing binder.

Here's how it works;
This 40 page booklet is broken up into 3 sections
Most Commonly Used Vocabulary Words
Commonly Misspelled Words
My Special Interest Words

Each of the first two sections are in alphabetical order, so when your student comes across a word that they are unsure of the spelling, they can simply flip to the appropriate letter and look for the word they are trying to spell. You may be thinking why can't they use that trusty Webster's 1828 Dictionary.  Well, technically they could, however, a dictionary can be very cumbersome, and with See-N-Spell they have included the most common words, so it is a very quick way to find the words. It also includes all of those confusing homophones!

In the back of the book, you can even use the Special Interest Words section to add additional words that your student struggles with.

In our home we have a mix of some struggling learners, and also with learners where learning comes pretty easy. And both sets of kids have benefited from using the See-N-Spell. It has helped to speed up their writing time. 

Cost of the See-N-Spell - $9.99
Cost of mastering spelling blunders - Priceless!

Check out See-N-Spell, as well as the full line of products from See-N-Read. I just also mention that included with your purchase of See-N-Spell, is a See-N-Read Reading Tool!

**I was provided a complimentary copy of See-N-Spell in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own. You can read more reviews about See-N-Spell by following this link. 

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