Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time 4 Learning

     For the The Homeschool Crew, we have been able to begin to review Time 4 Learning.  What I am going to be doing is a "mini-series" of reivews on our experience with Time 4 Learning.



Homeschool Curriculum, After School Learning,
 Summer Use
For PreSchool, Elementary, & Middle School Students
"It's Time 4 Learning. And Fun!"


     I have yet to have had all of my children use the program. I primarily have had my 8th grader use the program, as well as, spend time on the site myself. We have thoroughly enjoyed using this website.


    For the parents, Time 4 Learning, has a multitude of resources for you to familiarize yourself with what they have to offer. Including a "getting started" tutorial and a "helpful hints" section tat really helps you to learn how to navigate through the site. In addition to that, they have a parents forum, that is interactive. You can read old posts that will be helpful, as well as, post new questions that you may have.  And for the technology challenged there is a place for you too!!  A page for technical difficulties. ( I have not had an technical issues!!!)  The people at Time 4 Learning also have their contact information, so they can help you, if the information on the site was not enough to solve your question or issue.

  Now, my son, has spent several days on Time 4 Learning. For us, so far it has been very useful. We are a large family, well,  we are homeschooling 5 children,  and in that mix we have a few special needs learners. What Time 4 Learning has done for our family in this short amount of time, has allowed my 13 yr old to hop on, and do school work, at his own pace, not waiting for me. And I am able to then turn around and spend time with my special needs learners. 

  At this stage of the review, our family is loving Time 4 Learning. What we will be looking at next week, would be the completness of the program, what would I need to add to it to make it a complete program, if anything. As well as allowing my other children to spend time on the site. Including my special needs children to see how well they can work with the site.

  Keep your eyes on this page for future posts....

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