Thursday, February 12, 2009

Write Shop Story Builders "World of Animals"

Do you remember playing with Mad Libs when you were growing up? Oh, I loved Mad Libs, I remember laying around on the floor, on the bunk beds, with my feet hanging over the couch, laughing hysterically with my friends.

To me, this is very much the same. Okay, not exactly, but there are some similarities in the shear amount of fun that my children and I had while "playing",  I mean learning with Story Builders!

So what are "Story Builders"?  It is from the great people of Write Shop. off the top, one of the perks is that it is a download, which means instant gratification! You can begin working with the program immediatly.  Since I have been part of the Homeschool Crew, I have become a proponet of the "E-book". Boy, is it nice, not to have to wait for the postman.

So we printed out Story Builders "World of Animals".  Story Builders comes with a deck of cards with 4 kinds of cards; character cards, character trait cards, setting cards and plot cards. Your child (or you) will take a card from each stack, such as, wolf, bossy, in a hollow tree, and meets a man in disguise.

As you can see, with a set up like that, you are bound to have a good time with your kids as their creativity grows!  We have spent hours playing! The neat thing is that you can use the cards from other "Story Builders" to have even more variety!

I would highly recommend this program as an add on to your current language arts program. This is also a great way to help children who may have trouble coming up with ideas on their own. My son with special needs had a great time developing stories.

There are 4 different "Story Builders"; World of People, World of Animals, World of Sports and a Christmas Mini-Builder.  The first 3 cost $7.95, and the Christmas Mini Builder costs $3.95. For a very little amount of money, you can have an awesome tool to help engage your children's creativity.

Please visit to learn about these and other wonderful products from the people of Write Shop.

Happy Writing! 


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