Thursday, May 27, 2010

TOS: Advanced Placement Exam Prep by Cerebellum Corp.

object>Are you wondering how Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Prep has anything to do with homeschooling? Not to worry, you are not alone! That was my first thought when I received my package from Cerebellum Corp/ Standard Deviants. Receiving this DVD has sent me, and actually many members of my local homeschool group, on a quest to learn more!
The DVD really couldn't have shown up at a more perfect time! We were about to hold our monthly mom's night, discussing homeschooling your high schooler!

I think to understand what the product is, you first need to know how it could impact your homeschool.

Here is what I have learned. First, you may want to visit HSLDA to learn more about all testing available to high schoolers! Here is a blurb about Advanced Placement Classes;

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous courses taken during high school but taught at a college level. The courses typically require an extensive amount of study, reading, and writing. There are 37 different AP courses across 22 subject areas that culminate in the taking of a standardized AP test for each course given nationwide in the late spring (usually May).

Here it is in a very brief nutshell. As homeschoolers you can study and prep for an Advanced Placement Exam. What is the benefit of doing this? Some colleges look favorably on transcripts with AP courses on them.

However, not every college will even except these AP test scores, much like some will not except CLEP (please HSLDA link) scores. I personally would not through ALL of my eggs into one basket, especially if you are not sure which college your child will be attending.

With the said, if you do decide to pursue Advanced Placement testing for your homeschooled high schooler, then the DVD's available from Cerebellum/Standard Deviants, just may be your ticket!

I received History of the U.S. AP Exam Prep. I sat down and watched the whole DVD. I did not do this with my high schoolers as of yet. They have a heavy load, and I did not want to upset the apple cart!
However, my thinking is that I will have them watch it next year as we cover High School American History.

The DVD is very fast paced. A typical teenager would probably keep up with it's pace. They use young and engaging actors to help walk your student through what they can expect on the AP Exam , as well as, some strategies in taking the test. They do all of this in about 30 minutes. Then they follow that with a bit more of an in depth look at U.S.History. Discussing the significance of many historical events.

It also comes with a worksheet CD. This gives them some example questions. As well as, some study guides.

All in all, this is a great resource, and it is not going to break the bank! You can purchase Light Speed History of the U.S. for $14.98. Right now it is on sale for $11.24.
You will find a trailer for the US History Test Prep located on the bottom of that page.

Please visit the crew blog to see what my crew mates are saying about Cerebellum/Standard Deviants!

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