Thursday, May 27, 2010

TOS: Lobster Network

Do you have stuff??? Do your friends have stuff??? Do you ever wanna share that stuff??

Well, Lobster Network, just might be what you are looking for. Lobster Network is a neat FREE service that will help you do just that and much more!

In our homeschool group, we have very generous families! Many of us like to share our books with each other! It's our way to help other families continue to homeschool, by keeping their homeschool budget low! We also do this, to allow people to get their hands on items before they spend their hard earned money on them! We all know what it feels like to buy something to only discover it is not at all what we were expecting!

Lobster Network can help you do that! You can list the items you have available, and so can your friends! You then list them as something that can be borrowed.. or if you would like to sell it, you can list that, or if you would be willing to swap for something in return, you can do that too!

It is a great way to keep track of who has what books from your personal library! The best part, is that it is completely FREE!!! There is no limit to how many items you can list!

Now, the members of the crew tried out this. We all joined and created a community. Which is what you could do for your group of family and friends. You can make that community private, so the entire world is not looking into your library. Only the approved members of your group.

Once you and your friends have joined Lobster Network, you can browse each others 'stuff' and start swapping! And then you can invite more friends to join as well!

Check out Lobster Network to see if it could help you sell, swap, borrow your stuff!!

Please stop by the crew blog to see what my crew mates are saying about Lobster Network!

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