Sunday, February 13, 2011

TOS Crew: Curiosity Files - Red Tides

Have you ever heard of  Alexandrium fundyense or Karenia brevis?  You haven't? They are responsible for killing a large number of sea life, from fish and sea turtles to manatees. Still not sure of what they are? Enter in  Professor Ana Lyze ~ Expert in Outlandish Oddities? She is the resident expert behind the Curiosity Files, a new creation by the fine people of  The Old Schoolhouse magazine. Professor Ana Lyze has assembled a team of experts and have come up with unique topics that most people do not have a wealth of knowledge on, and takes the time to share with us in an exciting, entertaining and educational way!

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was given a free copy of the Curiosity Files: Red Tides to review. I sat down with my eleven year old daughter to work through it. Haven't heard of Curiosity Files? They are unit studies on very specific topics!

As we worked through Red Tides,  we both enjoyed it and we both learned quite a lot!  Now, let me tell you, this is not just a small compilation of facts, this 93 pages e-book, is very thorough!  What is nice, that not only is this e-book full of information,  it also makes a point to connect all of this information on nature, back to God the Creator, where it belongs! As a Christian Homeschooler, I appreciate that!

This is such a complete learning guide, you will not want for anything more. Not only did they have the standard text,  photos, worksheets and glossary of terms.  You also find, math activities ,  creative writing assignments,geography, history,  grammar and spelling activities, a board game and copywork!  In addition, they have special needs activities, hands on activities, art and science experiments. As you can see, it is indeed very complete!

Now, before I tell you what my daughter thought about Curiosity Files, I will tell you, that I could see, through her responses, that she thoroughly enjoyed it! She also began to read some difficult words on her own that she was not able to do prior. My daughter struggles with dyslexia, so we are always on the look out for books for her to read, that will spark her interest, and this was it for her!  And it was because she was interested in the content! I saw a spark in her eye, that I have not seen, I think ever!

Now, here is what she has to say...

"I thought it was fun. It wasn't too hard. It was perfect."

You can purchase a bundle pack of the Curiosity Files for $46 for the downloadable version, at The Schoolhouse Store.  They are also available  individually, however, the prices vary. Check out the store for more details.

Please also visit the crew blog to see what my fellow crew members have to say about Curiosity Files!

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed using this unit study! I'm honored to contribute my own small submission to each one. It's wonderful how they are all coming together!