Friday, February 25, 2011

TOS Crew: MathRider

As a homeschool mother of some special needs learners, I am always on the lookout for curriculum or curricula support materials that will help my kids solidify those basic skills that do not always come easily to them. So, when, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I learned that I was going to have the opportunity to review Mathrider, I was thrilled!

So let's start with what MathRider is!

MathRider is an interactive tool that will help your child learn their basic math facts. Now, that is generally a very boring task that is done through rote memory. However, MathRider addresses these skills by taking your child through magical adventures and noble quests. And MathRider uses artificial intelligence technology, that will adapt to your child. Giving them the support they need and rewarding their diligence!

You can watch a video and lern more about MathRider by clicking here.

MathRider is available for a very affordable $37 with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Now, I would like to share with you, how MathRider faired in our home. In theory, this is a wonderful program, and probably for many children it would be exactly what they need. However, for my special needs learner, who I was hoping this program would help, it was not appropriate.

There was too much required of the student in order to simply answer each question. The question appears on the right of the screen, while the student is on a horse to the left of the screen, galloping.. the student must answer the question correctly before the problem as reached the left side of the screen where the horse is galloping. They must type in the answer and press enter. In order for it to acknowledge the answer. Now one good aspect, is that when the child answered incorrectly, the horse stopped they were given the correct answer, and then it continued.

Here is what the problem was, my child had a hard time focusing on the moving problem, and the numbers to type, and then finding the enter key. Many times the answer would be typed and he was still looking for the key, and it would be registered as incorrect. So this caused high frustration level. Which is what we were trying to avoid in the first place. �This game would have been better suited for him, if the problems were not moving, and if the software would recognize his correct answer automatically.

Please take a moment to see what my crewmates thought of MathRider, by visiting the crew blog and please check out the MathRider website to see if it woudl be a good fit for your family.



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