Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zeezok Z-Guides - Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I hate textbooks! I am really not sure where it comes from. Maybe it comes from my own school experience... I was not a big fan of school. Or perhaps it comes from the fact that I have several children who do not learn typically.

I have spent the bulk of our homeschool journey, trying to find ways to get the information into their heads without textbooks. One of those reasons, is because I have several children with dyslexia, I really tried to not simply hand them textbook after textbook to read. That would have been overwhelming, and it would have taken forever!

That is where Zeezok Publishings Z-Guides come in. We recently reviewed the Z-Guide for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starring Jimmy Stewart. I love the way the Z-Guides make learning possible out of movies designed for entertainment!

Contained within the Z-Guides you will find background information, discussion questions, and many activities for your student, all designed with your student in mind. The entire guide is designed to be completed over a 5 day period.

This guide is designed for High School Students, however, we actually used this guide with my 4 high schoolers and my junior high schooler, as well.

While this is not a complete Social Studies curriculum, you can either infuse your current curriculum or design your own around the different Z-Guides available. These are ideal learning tools for kids with any kind of special need that makes reading difficult.

Check out the current line of Z-Guides.  Prices start at $12.99.

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** I received a complementary copy of the Z-Guide; Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was offered or accepted. Opinions expressed here do not constitute a guarantee of service.

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  1. I'm interested in teaching on the election process this year and will check into what these guides have to offer! :) Rebecca T