Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friendly Chemistry

I have been looking forward to reviewing this product, since we were first told about it months ago!! I was so excited when I was notified that our family would be able to review Friendly Chemistry.  Friendly Chemistry's goal is to introduce basic chemistry in a fun and non threatening way, they have indeed succeeded!

After spending time with this program, I can honestly tell you that I love this product. If you have been reading my reviews for any amount of time, you will know that I have several children that have various degrees of special needs, as well as , children with no special needs at all. However, all my children are all very hands on learners. I have often commented that my children need to see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, even  become what they are learning about in order to really understand it. Friendly Chemistry provides just that.

They have come up with some awesome activities for the children to do. Not just worksheets, these are physical activities, exactly what my children need!

Another plus is this, I never took chemistry. You know, that was for smart kids, and that surely was not me. I was the kid in school that just got by. However, with this program, not only was I able to teach my children, I was able to learn about Chemistry myself!

This is  a curriculum, that we will continue to use in the future! There is only one drawback that I see. And that is the price. It is $75 for the student edition, and $60 for teachers edition. However, if you are using this for more than one child in your immediate family they do allow you to make copies of the student book. That helps with the overall cost. ( Students outside your immediate family must purchase their own student book!) If you are using it for only one child, you will have to decide if that price would work for your family. I will tell you that if you were able to invest the money into this program, you would not be dissapointed!

Spend some time at their website and see if this would be a fit for your family.

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