Friday, April 3, 2009


I have older children. So i wasn't sure if they were gong to look at these figurines, and say, great mom.... see ya..... or if they would be interested. I am happy to report that they were indeed interested by these little gems.

Schleich's tagline on their website is "handpainted modelled from nature" is a true description of what I have in my hands.  I was thrilled to have recieved the lioness for my big cat lover and the Lipizzaner Stallion for my horse lover among the other figurines we recieved.

What is really unique about these creatures, is that the tiniest of details from each breed are handpainted on, right down to the paws. We really enjoyed holding these creatures in our hands and checking them out.

Even my teenagers could be "caught" playing with these wonderful little creatures! If you have an animal lover in your house, then this would be a wonderful investment.

Please visit Schleich and check out their entire line of products, including their Farming, Wild Life and The World of Knights.

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