Saturday, April 25, 2009

Molly's May Money-Saving Digest

Have you had a chance to meet Molly Green yet? If not, please take a moment to go visit her at .

Now that you have met Molly, let's get on to Molly's May Money-Saving Digest.

This month's Molly's Money-Saving Digest lives up to it's predecessors. It is "jam" packed with money saving ideas for your home, as well as, for your homeschool. 

I say jam packed, because Molly's shares an awesome jam recipe that you will surely enjoy! In fact, there are several recipes in this edition that will help you celebrate the special days of May. These recipes would actually be great all summer long!

You will also find a step by step tutorial on how even the small changes in your daily life can add up to big savings in your pocket! I don't know about you, but that is the kind of help that I need! We already live a frugal life, these changes could help you shave even a little bit more off, even a tight budget. And every little bit, really does add up!

I must tell you with all of the awesome things, that I have already listed, my favorite feature by far, was the feature on college alternatives. Actually, you will find incredible information for your "preschooler" all the way through making plans for college. I will be saving this issue to help guide me in the next few years, as we make college decisions for my children. Who knew there were some really great alternatives to the typical college education we all think of.

 This is just a mere sampling of what is found in Molly's May Money-Saving Digest. Why don't stop by The Old Schoolhouse Store and pick up your copy today! Your family will thank you!

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