Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grapevine Studies

I had heard this name for years, well it seems like it has been at least a couple of years. I had even received something from them for free. A cd of an Old Testament Timeline. But I really didn't get it. I mean what was so special about an OT Timeline, and stick figuring what was the purpose, it just did not make sense to me......

Then this year as part of The Homeschool Crew, we were given the opportunity to review a product from Grapevine Studies. I have always still been intrigued by them, even though I did not understand, so I was eager to see what they were all about.

We decided to review The New Testament Overview. I chose to do Level 3 and Level 4. I was excited that in Level 4 we would be teaching the kids how to use bible study materials like the Concordance, Topical Bible and a Bible Dictionary. Things that I have already had them practice using, though I was excited to know that this would be covered in this curriculum.

Right off the bat, one thing that I have enjoyed is that we are doing this study together, with my kids that are using level 3 and level 4. 

Now, let's talk about stick figuring. It really is just as simple as it sounds. You are drawing stick figures on a timeline and throughout the study about different bible events.

This activity really does help to concrete the information in the mind of a child. (no matter the age) My children of all ages ( 10-17) all enjoyed this process. They even giggled as their mother was drawing stick figures on the white board.

What we found, is it really made a difference as we were going through the process. I have always known, and if you have read my reviews for any amount of time, you know, that my children really need to have all different kinds of modalities to learn. When we have done bible studies in the past, the curriculum was very dry. Not the bible... the curriculum. Grapevine really helped to bring the bible alive, as we (the kids) thought about how they were going to illustrate the different  events.

I really like the set up of the Grapevine Studies. First off, it is "non-denominational". The facts are basic enough that you can insert your family doctrine. And you use your personal bible preference, which is really important to me. The verses are listed vs. printed out on the page. This is wonderful for consistency.

Grapevine Studies offer you the choice of purchasing E-books or physical books, which ever works for your family. We received the E-books, and I personally have enjoyed that format. We have been printing out what we need as we go along, and enough for each of the children in our family.

The pricing is reasonable. Click here to check out all of their studies! There are studies available from 5 years old all the way through adult.

Happy Stick Figuring!!!

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