Monday, August 24, 2009

Web Design for Kids

Web Design for Kids (and Curious Adults), sounds like a fun  idea doesn't it? I sat down with my 14 year old to work through this program. My 14 year old, had virtually no computer experience. He could create a word document, and look up football stats, and that has been the extent of his exposure.

We sat down one afternoon, and  started at the very beginning. Which actually was not with  web design. Our host, Brian,  asked that if you are not familiar with file folder (file cabinet) management, to review that first. So we watch that section. And within a few moments my son had it mastered.

The only issue we had, was we are using a different version of Windows, so I had to pause the DVD several times, in order to show where to find on our computer what was  being shown on the screen.

After our first session, my son walked away with this one statement.... "I want a computer!" He had been saving for a new video game system, and now he would like to get a computer instead.  YEAH!! Maturity!

Brian from Click Drag Solutions has a very sweet demeanor, and he is very easy to follow. His "helpers" which are 2 adolescents, ask questions while he teaches, which was great, because sometimes, they were the very questions I or my son was thinking of.

Brian will teach you how to build a web page using Internet Explorer and Notepad, both of which should be already available on any Windows operating systems.

 Even if you the parent have very little computer experience, you and your child will walk away from this program with a basic understanding of HTML and web design. And all of this for $19.99, with a money back guarantee.

Please visit Click Drag Solutions and check out this great company!



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