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The Quarter Mile Math by, Barnum Software

The Quarter Mile Math

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   I am one of the many people in the world, who really does not enjoy math! And to add to that is the fact that I am a homeschooler. How is it that I am  supposed to instill that love of learning I desire my children to have, when I really do not enjoy math?

 Over the years we have worked through our math programs, and I have found some wonderful resources over the years, which we still use. However, one thing none of them addressed was the simple reinforcement that a child needs to really concrete math facts.

  I also have several special needs children. And for one of them, my most severe, he loses the skills he learns. So we have to re do things over and over and over.... and dare I say... and over.....

The Quarter Mile Math, has been a wonderful addition to our daily routine! What is the Quarter Mile Math? It is a Math Practice Software. Here is what they say about it on their website....

"The Quarter Mile Math programs boost children's mental math skills and confidence by motivating them to do an incredible number of math problems quickly. The fun, award-winning format is effective because it detects even the smallest improvements and constantly gives positive reinforcement. "

 Now coming from me,  a homeschool mom.... The Quarter Mile Math, is a program, that has created a fun way for the kids to reinforce the math they are covering. How exactly can you make it fun? You know for years, all we  have had is drill and kill... flash cards and worksheets, and if you have a more hands on learner, like I do, you know these are not good methods for your children to learn.

With The Quarter Mile Math, the child will "race" himself, while learning these facts. They have a choice of race cars or riderless horses. The first few races, the child will race against the computer, however, they will begin to  race against themselves, actually, their previous scores. And in there lies the success. The drive, if you will to beat your previous score!  How do they race? Problems appear at the bottom of the page, when they answer correctly, the faster their horse or race car will go. They will be give 3 chances to get the answer, then the answer is given to them, and they can continue on their race.

My son with special needs LOVED this aspect of the game. And what is wonderful, there is not  a"grade level" listed on anything, you simply set them up where they are academically and they race. So he does not feel like he is "behind" his younger siblings. This is huge in our house. So if you have a child that is needing remedial work in math, The Quarter Mile Math will be a huge asset!

Not only has it helped my son with extreme special needs, The Quarter Mile Math, has helped with all of my children. My typical learners and my special learners.  They all actually ask me to "race" each day. They have really enjoyed the new component to our math program!

Now, if you are like me, you are probably thinking, that this would be a great tool for simple math, but I have a middle schooler.. will this help them? YES!!!

The Quarter Mile Math is designed for K-9th grade. And if you are doing remedial work with your student, then you will be able to use this program, all the way through high school.

Here are the topics that are covered in the deluxe edition:

Numbers and Letters

Whole Numbers

Fractions Introduction




Estimation Preparation

Math Strategies




So, as you can see, this is not just for simple math! The strategy is the same, all the way through the program.  Answer the math problems as fast as you can.

We were given the Deluxe Edition to review, which covers grades K-9. Level 1 covers, K-3, Level 2 covers, 4-6 and Level 3 covers 4-9. I would highly recommend the Deluxe Edition. This is a subscription based program. And the price is very affordable! With a family of 5 children, this is very important!

You can pay $2.95 per month, for the entire family, or $19.95 for a one year subscription, again for the entire family, or $34.95 for 2 years for the entire family! You can download the program from the website or you can purchase a CD for $5 to download. We received the CD, and I must say that it was a breeze to download onto the computer.

Right now the kind people at Barnum Publishing have offered my readers a $5 discount on any product, standard or deluxe. All you need to do is enter 7E7D7 into the referral code box. This code will be good until September 30, 2009.

The people at The Quarter Mile Math have added a "For Homeschoolers" section. There you will find a printable progress sheet, to track your students progress, a users forum has just been added, as well as, many helpful hints.

Please take a moment and visit their website, and watch their videos and try out their demo! I am sure you will be hooked!

Have a Happy Homeschooling Day!

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