Friday, November 18, 2011

Time Timer a TOS Crew Review

Have you noticed that this year on the crew, we are reviewing some fun items, that are not simply curriculum. But, items that will help to enhance our homeschools!  Recently, we were able to review the 3 inch Time Timer, a nifty timer that not only counts away the minutes, it also helps children get a grasp of how long the time really is.  When I first read about this timer I was excited to  perhaps get the chance to use it in my home.

I have a child that has some issues with time. When I say issues with time, I am not talking about simply telling time, I am talking about 'feeling time'. Does that make sense to you? If you have a special needs kid, this probably make s a lot of sense.

My son, simply cannot wrap his head around segments of time. By using the Time Timer, he is able to see the time count away!  When you set your timer.. you see it here set for 30 minutes, the face is covered in red with the designated time. As the time 'ticks' away, you will see the red get smaller and smaller. And when time is up.. the red disappears. This helps any child see the length of time they are measuring.

Here you can see some of the many ways you can use the Time Timer!

Piano Lessons

Computer Time

Reading Time

Video Games

TV Time

Assignment Timer

Speech Therapy Timer

Chore Timer

Overall, I really did enjoy the Time Timer. There were however 3 little things that I had issue with. First, the battery is very tricky to get in. We were able to get it in, however, at one point we needed to replace the battery ( we put in a used battery in the beginning) so we needed to struggle with it again.  The second small thing was the fact that when the timer 'beeps' you hear simply 2 little beeps.  I actually missed the beeps a few times. If you are across the room, you will not hear it.  Now both of those things are relatively small items. If you are sitting at a desk or piano, etc...  you can be near the timer in order to hear it when it beeps.

However, if you are teaching a special needs child, the last thing that I need to note is that the timer is 'backwards' when thinking about a clock face.  When looking at a regular clock face, minutes 1- 30 are on the right side of the face. However, on the Time Timer, minutes 1 - 30 are on the left hand side.  For some special needs students, who will be using this tool independently, this could cause confusion. However, for students, without special needs, this would not be an issue. So, you will need to decide if this would be an issue for your family.

All in all, I like the Time Timer... hop on over to the crew blog to see what my crew mates are saying about the Time Timer.

And don't forget to visit the Time Timer Website to see the other Time Timer options available! Including Time timers for your computer, iPhones and iPods!  You can purchase your own 3 inch Time Timer for $30.00.

**Note, I was given a free Time Time for purpose of review. No other compensation was offered or received. Statements made in this post do not constitute promise or guarantee of service.

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