Saturday, April 7, 2012

Homeschooling - Nurturing the Entrepreneur

One of the awesome aspects of homeschooling, is that fact that our children can come up with their own home businesses.  As we see their passion grow in particular areas, we can help them turn their passion into an entrepreneurial adventure. 

Carol Topp has some wonderful books that are geared for the teenager who is interested in starting a business. You can find them here

My boys have come up with their own business,  it is a business is of making videos. I have put a few here in this post, along with further links at the bottom of the page. 

These videos are great for graduation videos, party favors, advertising and much more! 

This one is from their Summer Birthday Bash!

This one was made for my business. 

Here is a video that they made for a fundraiser - Every Right to a Beautiful Life - Team Miranda Sarah

This one is about our local homeschool group - C.H.E.A.V.  A Family of Homeschoolers

You can visit their Facebook Page and send them a message if you are interested in pricing. 
Not on facebook? You can leave a comment below and I will pass it along to them. 

What I love about their business, is it is fun, and it matches their personalities! What are you children creating? Can they turn that into a home business? 

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