Monday, October 26, 2009

Amazing Bible Timeline and Charts

I have had the Amazing Bible Timeline on my wish-list for some time. I saw an advertisement for it, and thought it would be an awesome tool for our homeschool.

When I heard that I would be receiving a free timeline as a member of TOS Homeschool Crew to review, I was thrilled.

We had started to implement it in our daily study, looking up what we are reading in our bible, looking on the timeline to see what was going on during the same period of time.

The timeline is a perfect size to fit on our dining room table underneath the clear vinyl I already have in place. So, in addition to including it in our bible study time, we also looked at it as we sat around our dining room table. Much like the photo below.

I think that a table is the best placement for this tool, it makes it easy for children and adults to gather around and see what you are studying. It's unique design allows for 6000 years of time to be showcased all at once, see the photo below

I felt as though we have been only skimming the surface of what this timeline has to offer, when I received a strange email in my email box. It's subject was "Wow!  Let's Clear This Up Right Now" and it was from the people that sent us The Amazing Bible Timeline.

Prior to receiving this email, I really had enjoyed using the timeline, and it was after clicking through the link they shared that my stomach started to turn.

I do not like to be deceived. And I feel as though that has happened with this product. This email brought to my attention that there was an LDS (Latter Day Saints) version of the timeline. In fact, upon further investigation, they have a separate website strictly for the LDS Timeline.

I decided to really look at my timeline and sure enough, I did find a reference quoted from the book of Mormon. Now, when you read their answers to why there are LDS dates on the Timeline they state that the film for the original timeline had been destroyed in 2000 and they had to use the LDS timeline to reprint it, and go through and remove all the LDS info. While that might seem ok, however it has been 9 years and the corrections still have not been made and that upsets me.

They also did note when Brigham Young moved the Mormons to Utah. That did not bother me, as he is actually one of my ancestors, and it is nice to put it in context. However, I do have issue with studying something quoting the Book of Mormon, as this is not my faith!

I have included several links below for you to do your own research.

This first one, is a link to their FAQ included with their email:

Here is the link to the NON LDS Timeline website:  I no longer see their list of resources on these pages. I know that I did read them when we first received the product, but have not been able to locate them on the site now.


Here is the link to the LDS Site listing their resources:


Timeline is $29.97 plus $6 shipping and handling. They also offer you a full refund if you are unhappy with the product. If this is something that interests you for your family, please research the websites and decide if it will make a good fit.


Please visit the crew blog to see what the other crew members have to say about this resource.

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