Sunday, October 4, 2009

College Prep Genius

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As part of The Homeschool Crew, we recieved College Prep Genius Course for free for the purpose of reviewing their product. About a month ago, I gave an overview of the product, you can see that here.

We are nowhere near completing this course. However, I have really enjoyed working through it with my 9th and 10 graders. I did not take the SAT when I was in high school. So, I am coming at this, with no previous knowledge. I have learned so much.

When you order this course, you will receive 4 dvds, a workbook and a worktext. I found the DVD's to easy to watch, and to understand. They are basically powerpoint presentations with the instructor speaking over it. I found this very helpful.

I have always thought of the SAT as a measuring stick of how smart you are. WRONG!!! It is a logic and reasoning test. So, really in the end it is testing your test taking skills!  And that is where College Prep Genius comes in.  It teaches you the skills you need to master the SAT!

You will learn how to handle each section of the SAT. How to tackle  certain question types. How to help you decipher words that you do not know.  Acronyms are used to help the student during the 'real' test, to remember some of the strategies they learned during this course.  There are also many time management techniques that I believe will help in test taking period. A time table is also provided, so as you journey through high school with your student, you will  know exactly when you should take what tests. And which year you can earn scholarships with your tests scores.

I found as I sat and watched the DVD's with my boys, they now have a better understanding as to why the SAT would be beneficial. As well as helped them to focus on the areas they need work. They liked the learning strategies presented in this course and felt that they would help each of them to meet their desired goals.

If your child is already in high school, you still have time for this program to help your student. However, I would personally reccomend that if you have a child in Junior High, that you would seriously consider purchasing this course from them.

Right now they are offering the course at 30% off. Regular price is $115.85, it is currently available for only $79.  Now is the time to buy!!!

If you would like to see what my crew mates think about College Prep Genius, please visit the crew blog here.

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