Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Happens When 30 Homeschoolers Go To the Park During School Hours????

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A group of homeschoolers from our church had a field trip today. We went to an exotic feline breeding compound and then to a local park for a picnic and fellowship. There were just about 30 of us in attendance. Kids ranged in ages from 3 1/2 months to a several high schoolers!

We visited a local park that has a 'lake' for fishing, with lots of geese and ducks. The kids enjoyed feeding them and talking to them... and 'playing' on the shoreline while the ducks congregated all around.

After lunch, while the kids were playing in the play area. A few mom's were with them in the play area, and a few of us other mom's and one of my boys and the baby were sitting and chatting at the picnic table, in eye sight of the others.... everyone playing nicely together I might add! And lo and behold the "park police" happen upon our group.

Let me tell you, once we saw them get out of their squad car... yes squad car, this is a rather large park....  us mom's descended upon the play area...... one of the mom's that was now speaking with the officer's looked at us coming and thought..."Here comes my back up!"  Grin

Their claim was that there was a complaint that we were throwing rocks at the ducks in the lake. Which we were not.  Our thoughts, were more along the lines of they were curious why these teenagers.. (Mine were among the oldest kids there) were out of school.  We spoke with the officers, and were polite..... explained we were feeding the birds bread.. not throwing rocks.... LOL..... my word..... I was thinking.... where's my HSDLA card....

When the officers, just stood there, not really leaving, just  like they were looking for more info. One of the mom's had asked the officer, do we look like we are causing trouble? He said no. Then he seemed to pause as if thinking about what to say..... he then explained that there are posted signs that say do not feed the birds.... we apologized and promised to 'keep an eye' on our children. And they returned to their squad car. (side note, they had claimed to have posted signs every one hundred feet... we did not see a single sign)

A few moments later we saw the police officers across the lake speaking with some young people (18-22 years old) and procede to pat them down.  This was a good lesson for our children to experience. We have chosen to dress distinctly modest and not worldly. And in this situation, I believe that it served us well. We had a neat appearance and pleasant demeanor, which left the officers with a positive experience with homeschoolers, and with Christians.

This was a field trip I had planned for our group.... one of the mom's shared with me these parting thoughts..... " Thanks for such an exciting field trip.... we will never forget this one!"

So, if your life is lacking excitement, go on a field trip with your local Christian Homeschool group, you never know what might happen!


Happy Homeschooling!!!!


  1. Glad that turned out so well! Blessings to you all~and glad it was a great time.

  2. Me too!!! Thankfully it was somethiing we could laugh about after the fact!!!

    Have a great night!