Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Creating Thirst Thursdays: Conflict

Do you have teenagers? Or have you already raised teenagers? Boy, raising teenagers is quite an adventure. One that isn't rivaled by anything that I have ever experienced.. not even being a teenager!   In our home, we have 4 teenagers.. and one pre-teenager.

How do you and your teenager handle conflict? Do you let those feelings go unresolved? Or do you take the time to handle them?  Unresolved conflict does not just 'go away'. If left alone, it will take root, a root of bitterness. In both you and your child.

One thing that we have put into practice since the children were small is, when we have conflict.. we talk about it!! Sometimes, much to my children's chagrin! It's not always easy, but it is necessary. Our children need to have the opportunity to express themselves, but even more than that, they need to have the experience of working through those tough feelings.  After all, the time that our children are spending in our home, is their training ground. They are learning how to handle conflict in their future relationships.

As you spend the time talking with your children, you will be knitting their heart to yours. They will be thankful that you have listened to them. When your children feel that they have the ability to talk to you, open and honestly, you are helping to create thirst. Thirst for safe, healthy, loving relationships. What a gift!

How will you know know that you have resolved the conflict? When you can pray together, hug each other, and laugh together. Take the opportunity to knit your hearts together with your children, through the conflict, and talk it through with your kids.

Praying that God blesses you and your family!


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