Monday, June 13, 2011

So, what is it worth, anyway?

Most of you know that I was recently interviewed by Terri Camp and 12 other amazing homeschool mom's who are making money at home!  I cannot stress enough how much I have learned, and have already benefited from since listening to these amazing interviews!

These women share what they do, and how they do it! Why? To help other Homeschool Mom's out there, Mom's just like you!

But, there is a problem a brewing! In the homeschool community, we are so accustomed to getting everything for FREE!  Or REALLY cheap, say for a buck or $2, that when we hear about something that is eegads, full price, we cannot fathom 'splurging' on such an item.

I am here to tell you that I believe we are doing ourselves a huge disservice! We are undercutting ourselves and each other. We are under valuing what we have to offer, and what others are rightfully worth!

This would never happen in the business world! I decided to search and see what it would cost to attend a business conference, where I could attend workshops, and hear speakers and find tools that would help my business. Oh my what the cost is!!!

I found a conference in Los Angeles were I live. Yes, this conference has a few high profile speakers.  However, none of these speakers speak to or for the Homeschool Mom with a business. Their tools would not fit our needs. And with Terri Camp's Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home series, you have a who's who of Homeschoolers! Such as Sarah Cook and Heidi St. John and Mary Jo Tate, just to name a few!!!!  Back to the other conference... what would it cost to attend their conference?  $495!  They also have a women's conference with 3 women speakers, if you are a registered attendee, you may attend this event for $50, however, if you would like to simply attend the women's conference, it would cost $125.

After looking at their agenda, it appears that they have approximately the same number of speakers as Terri Camp had interviews! So if you attended the general conference and the women's conference it would cost you $545.

However, if you would like to download and listen to 13 interviews, with homeschool mom's just like you, who are balancing work and family and homeschool, you can do so for $77.  Did you hear that????  ONLY $77!!!!

That is less than $6 an interview!


Do you think it would be worth $6 to hear a speaker and learn tips and tools that will streamline your family and home, and give you tools to maximize output and even increase the bottomline of your business?

It's easy!!! When you buy the interview series, you will receive all the interviews, and a one month membership to Terri's site, Homeschool Mom's Making Money at Home! Where you will recieve on going support, a newsletter, and  a question and answer call with Terri Camp!

Is your business worth it? Are you worth investing in? The answer is YES!!! On both counts!

Take a moment today, and learn more about this innovative series, and then buy your copies today!






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