Monday, June 13, 2011

Graphics Toolbox Tuesdays!

Today we are going to look at some fun things that can be done with Graphics Toolbox. From these projects I hope that you can see, that not only can Graphics Toolbox be used for education, but, also for family creative use!

This first project shows a photo of my daughter performing in a Fine Arts competition.


As you can see, not exactly an exciting or fun photo. What can we do to jazz it up a bit??

Now that is exciting! She is playing the piano in front of a massive crowd! How neat! How did we do this?

We used an irregular frame and pulled both my daughter and the piano out of the photo. We then laid it over a photo of a crowd that we found on google images.  We used the resizing tool to make both photos the correct size.

Once placed we framed out the photo by drawing a solid black frame, and then we chose the stitched line frame and matched the color of my daughters shirt for the stitched line. And Voila! A fun picture!

Here are the birthday cards I made for my kids last year!  They really enjoyed them, and I enjoyed making them!


In addition to these projects, we have created thank you notes... I have made them and the children have made them. I have used Graphics Toolbox to dress up the graphics that I use on my blog... I have created a homeschool schedule for a our homeschool, and mini posters that we post around our home.


Over the next few weeks, we will continue to look at Special Needs Projects, and general homeschool projects and blog projects and much, much more!

For more information on Graphics Toolbox, please visit Great Software Tools today!!!  You can also click here to view a video that will show you even more wonderful projects that can be achieved with Graphics Toolbox!


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