Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What About Wednesdays! Special Needs ~ Have you been to Holland?

Early in my journey with my children with Special Needs, I was given the essay by Emily Perl Kingsley  called "Welcome to Holland".  This little essay, helped me to realize that I am not to feel alone on this journey!  In the years since then, I have shared that essay with friends who have found them on a journey they did not expect.

The wonderful part of Holland, is that I have made some amazing friends! Thanks to the internet, I have met fellow travelers to Holland. I have learned from them, I have been inspired by them! I am so very thankful to the blogging world, thanks to fellow bloggers who share their experience, and what works with their kids, I have been inspired to try things, that I would have otherwise not even had access to.

What have you learned from fellow travelers to Holland? Have you paid it forward? Have you shared with new visitors, what they might expect along their journey?

Take a moment, and read Emily Perl Kingsely's essay. And then hug your special kid! They are God's gift and are truly a miracle!


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